Explanation Required for the Community Messaging


I am new to the community and I want to send a message to an examiner for IFATC exam, but I don’t have the option yet.

Would someone kindly explain what kind of badges I should gather or what other activities I should do before the messaging option opens up for me? Or refer me to a related post (I couldn’t find it myself if any).

Thanks 🙂


You have to reach TL1 to message. This explains trust levels:

You have to become a member (trust level 2) you will need to do this, I will post the requirements to reach that below:

To become a member you have to complete the following:
Visit the community at least 15-30 days as the Moderation Team slightly tweaked the canned Discourse TL Requirements , not sequentially
Cast at least 1 like
Receive at least 1 like
Reply to at least 3 different topics
Entering at least 20 topics
Read at least 100 posts
Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

These are the community guidelines:



Awesome! Thanks for the reference. It was just what I needed. So, should I close this topic now or some mod will take care of it?

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A Moderator will review and close soon. Welcome and enjoy your stay. Have a good night 😉

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Just one more thing to add to Chris’s message… Below, there are extremely useful tutorials to help you start flying and start Controlling. The tutorials are Official and are created by FDS and can be found right here on IFC in the #tutorials category. Check them out as they give you an extensive amount of Information :)

Once again Welcome to IFC and We hope you like it here! :)

Thanks. I have seen and read many over the past month and have been practicing a lot on live. I am just a bit late on making an account here at the IF community. I will def check your links. Thanks again!

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