Explaining Each Display Function

Hi all, this tutorial is guided towards the basic and newer Infinite Flight pilots, basically what I will be explaining is each button/function on your main aircraft setup. In this tutorial I will not be explaing manual controls like pitch and roll. Without further discussion lets begin:

#Explaining each Individual Function

  • Throttle:
    One of the important functions is the throttle, this can operated by the slide, usually located on the right hand side of the screen. This throttle can also give reverse thrust when there is enough speed. By sliding the tile behind 0% thrust. Other tutorials that may assist with this function:

  • Autopilot
    The autopilot is also a majorly important system that is recommended to most pilots during flight. Depending on your type of aircraft is if you will receive this function. The buttons are located on the main page, included in this are:

+ HDG (Heading, used to hold a certain course during flight)

+ ALT (Altitude, used for designating an altitude and holding it, altitudes are changeable by holding down and moving)

+ VS (Vertical Speed, is the function which controls your ascent or descent rate, depending on how high or low you program it. Same as the ALT, it’s changeable through holding down.)

+ SPD (Sped, this dial can be used to maintain a certain speed, like the others it changeable through holding down.)

+ APPR (Autoland system, only programmed into some newer aircraft, this system is an automatic landing procedure which can be enabled on approach)

(Ignore the spoiler button)

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  • Spoilers, gear and flaps!
    The spoilers, gear and flaps are all located on the main display page, down near the rudder. Each one has a different purpose: The spoilers are used for slowing the aircraft during and on landing, in a flight. They can also be changed to flight (Used for mid flight) and armed (will only activate on ground). The second function, gear is as you guessed it, the gear/ pair crafts wheel system. Finally the flaps, which can also be controlled by holding down. These flaps are used for landing or takeoff, to stabilise the aircraft or help descent/ascent.

  • Trim
    The trim is located to the right of the gear button and is used for stabilising the boat of the aircraft.


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  • Rudder & Brakes
    Located on the main page, under flaps is the rudder. It’s purpose it to control the aircraft while grounded and help land crosswinds. Used in crabbing. The brakes are located next to the flap gage and as it says “brakes”.

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  • Lights and Signs
    In the 3rd page, there is a section of lights and seatbelt/smoking signs. In this are you can control your aircrafts lighting system, including: Strobe (located in the wing, meant for airborne and while on runways, Landing (used for landing and takeoff only), Nav lights ( pal so on the wing, used full flight) and beacon (red flashing light on top of aircrafts body, used full flight). Lastly we have the signs, which as they both state are for seatbelt and no smoking.

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  • Pushback
    Finally at the end, we have the pushback button, also located in the 3rd page. It’s use is to reverse your aircraft in the pushback state (only should be required at parking).

Hope this helps! Happy landings :)


Wow! I bet you put a lot of time and effort into that!

Sure did :) The time went fast having to go to IF and take pictures of certain displays.

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Thank you for this and you did an absolutely amazing job !

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I have added my flaps tutorial to a link under “Flaps”

This is awesome. Thank you so much. I can’t imagine the time and effort you put into this. Thank you

Its all there😁

I’m sure the video creators appreciate your enthusiasm, but there is no need to comment each and every 2 year old tutorial topic just with “that is helpful!”. Just give it a like. That’s why this function exists. 😊

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