Explained: What Would Happen If Your Airplane Door Opened

If you are new to aviation and this generaly scares you whenever you are sitting in your economy class seat, then this will help you understand that it is rare and very difficult to open an airplane door mid-flight. The science behind it is explained in the video:

Would be nice to substantiate the topic in your own words. :)


I’m new to aviation so I wouldn’t be the right person to expand on what is already in the video. Kind of redundant as well. :)

Edit: Provided context, thank you @jdag2004.

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We don’t bite. :) I usually mess things up too, you could just substantiate as to why this is an interesting video. :)

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I honestly was scared that some idiot would decide to open the door when I was younger


This is actually surprising!

Cool video!!!

I wont ever worry again (unless in a car surrounded by 114 other cars!)

The thing is, it would be so hard to open the door so I am not afraid it :p

So with a 1 in 9821 chance, would that mean my chance of dying on a plane on my 9821st trip, would be 1 (100%)?

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