Explain the implication of violations.

Hi! I am a new pilot in this amazing community. I have been flying relentlessly for the past 2 days to get into Grade 2 and i did in under 24 hrs. But after getting into the training server, i got violations for overspeeding which is justified as i did it. But why did i get 5 violations for overspeed twice? Also today i just oversped once and i got 4 violations. Keep in mind i did not commit any other violations. How does the system imply violations? Pls help.

How to get an over speed violation

  1. Going faster than 250 under 10,000Ft

  2. Overspeeding the aircraft which will depend on how fast your plane can go

The system takes 20 seconds to give any violation so even if you only overspeed twice if you did it longer than 10 seconds it will give you a violation. Make sure to look at the top of the screen as itll appear in red telling you that you are overspending as well as say it. So just be on the look out for those signs. Also fighters do not have a speed restriction but please be careful around ATC Facilities and other planes.


I believe it’s 20 seconds


I would also check out these threads to help you know how to avoid all types of violations


I get that. I know the violations. My problem is why 5 when i did it twice? And why 4 when i did it once? Does the time i was over the speed limit affect the number Of violations ? The number of violations implied is my main problem :(

Yes.The duration when you are overspending affects the number of violations you will get. So,the longer you spent flying above the speed limit,the more violations.


Yeah so the max you can get is 6 at one time and if you are overspeeding for 120 seconds that means that you will receive 6 violations and not just 1. Its 1 violation for every 20 seconds your overspeeding and it resets the timer when you stop overspeeding and will restart if you do begin overspeeding again

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Just to add on, I find it help if you find yourself way over the overspeed speed to turn off the Speed AP, reduce your throttle to zero, deploy the speed brakes then pitch up a bit. That will ensure you get under the overspeed speed as quickly as possibleOnce you’ve reached your desired speed as quickly as possible. Once you do get there, hit the SPD button and the AP will lock your current speed.

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To add on, continue monitoring your speed even though if you have your A/P on as if you are descending too fast for example, your aircraft could still overspeed.

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Kewl thnx. You were absolutely very helpful ❤️

When under 10,000ft keep your speed at 240 knots to have a safe buffer. And before descending under 10,000, set the AP to 11,000 and then make sure you speed is at 240 before going below. This is just a simple suggestion to avoid some violations.


When you are in an overspeeding threat, i recommend you to close the app immediately.

If you can brake your aircraft, do it.

But if it is too late for slowing down, close app and start a new flight.

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Or instantly turn off auto pilot and pull up and slow the flip down 😅 that’s what I used to do 😆


Welcome to the this amazing community. We hope you stick around, learn and contribute. This forum has an excellent search function and a large group of very helpful members.

You’re progressing well and before you know it you’ll make it to Grade 3 and you are able to fly (also) on Expert server. Apart from receiving violations, which are generate by the IF system, it’s important for you to know that on Expert you can be Reported (ghosted) by the ATC for not following the rules. We couldn’t avoid you getting violations but you can avoid being ghosted by making sure you are prepared before you fly on Expert server.

Read the tutorials and search YouTube for the official Infinite Flight training videos.

Looking forward forward to seeing you in the ‘expert’ skies 😊


Thankyou everyone for all of your inputs. U guys have been really helpful .

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