can someone check when i can next fly on Expert thanks

You may check the grade table to see where you stand. The number of violations/ghostings will be shown, along with the time they wear off. You’ll be back to grade 3 (or above) when the required number wear off :)
Here’s how to read the grade table:

You can go check just go to your profile in the game and click grade

Give us some more info mate!

What’s your Grade, info on violations and reports, etc.

i mean when can i next fly on expert
My grade is 3 however when i join, no aircrafts come up and it says ‘connecting’
I think this is due to my ghosts

How many ghosts do you have in your grade table

It would tell you if you had too many ghosts.

You’ll have to provide more information. Can you show us a screenshot of your connection status or something? Give the mods a callsign to look at?

We need a little more information.

French West 145

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