Expert zone on training server

There have been a lot of problems on the expert servers recently. Part of this is trolling in general, but there are also people who are just inexperienced with working with good ATC or not knowing certain rules while interacting with other aircraft.

I am proposing an expert zone on the training server in order for pilots to become more familiar with these things. This would probably be the region that TSATC is controlling during the day (according to the schedule). Non-certified users would not be able to control in that area. A pilot in the expert zone would be subject to being ejected from the expert zone. This is similar to a session ghost., but it would not eject the pilot from the server. Instead the pilot would not be visible to TSATC or other non-ejected traffic. A pilot may eject him/herself from the expert zone in order to see another ejected pilot, but cannot reenter expert zone without restarting the flight.

Logsitics such as the consequences of being ejected is up to discussion.

It’s already been said that TSATC will not have special privileges, so this will probably not be implemented.


I don’t disagree with this, but I only have two problems. First of, making a region within the training server expert orentiated would leave countless of people who want to fly there (particularly on long hauls) done for as they’ll either not know how to interact with ATC (Air Traffic Control) or follow proper procedures.

Second of, it has been stated TSATC (Training Server Air Traffic Control) or any individual (except for IFATC) will not be receiving special treatment and IFATC (Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control) isn’t allowed (except for officers and above at random timings) to control on the training server. So, this can’t really be implemented but it can up probably be suggested at a later appropriate date.

The whole point of the training Server is to enable ATC and Pilots to sharpen their skills to prepare for the Expert Server. Removing this just does away with the whole point of TS. The best ATC experience is to use less busy airports.

Getting ejected is less than a ghost so it would not be a problem. You can still finish and log the flight without ATC

Staff constantly evaluates the servers for ways to improve the pilot experience. Some things look easy on paper but need to be weighed against the entire pilot population as well as balancing some of the aspects that make Infinite Flight a desired application. (Freedom, availability of airports, etc)

With that being said, this is something that will not be considered due to many factors, some of which have been listed above. In an effort to save votes for other items, this request will be closed.

Thank you for understanding.