Expert Wall of Shame

Frankly, I’m tired of the amount of ignorance that is going around on Expert. The new server requirements are great but it doesn’t seem to be impacting those who have the stats to be above Grade 3 and are still being absolute idiots on Expert. For instance not paying attention to traffic flow on a runway and attempting to land in the direction of taking off traffic, using flying at the same flight level as someone that is in front of you but refusing to slow your aircraft to the traffic you’re following, to not knowing what spacing means when inbound. Therefore I am creating an “Expert Wall of Shame”. The purpose of this is not to point the finger at people but rather to rather to point out those that are failing to adhere to the strict rules of Expert. The users mentioned in this either do not know the rules or choose to ignore them. This is for the community to be aware of users who have been spotted failing to meet the prowess of Expert server and as such should be held under more scrutiny when seen flying on Expert. Disclaimer: This does not mean report them when they are not doing anything wrong but keeping an eye out for them for when they appear to be doing something intentionally inconsiderate or preposterous. So without further ado,

Both users here failed to pay attention to the flow off traffic to and from KASE today. Flights had been taking off from the active runway for some time and these two continued to stay inbound in the direction of of outbound traffic with Rouge 180 attempting a second time to land on the wrong runway after going around.

I reported both users but sadly there are a lack of fellow Expert users who hold other to the high standards that Expert is suppose to have. Had there been ATC operators at KASE during this time either both would have been steered away from the runway or both would have been ghosted. ATC isn’t always around to do that so it comes down to fellow pilots on the server to hold other’s accountable.

Share other pilots on Expert you have come across who need to be scrutinized more when they fly in Expert and share what they did (on Expert) that leaves them deserving of being on the Expert Wall of Shame.


The two aircraft were attempting to land on 15 while aircraft were taking off 33?

Wow, that is horrible. 🙄


Yup, Both were at 3000ft AGL and on the ILS. Then both went around without climbing or sending a Go Around on Unicom and the Rouge 180 was on Final for RWY 15 when I had just departed RWY 33.

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Unfortunately, this is the real world procedure. Departures out of 33 and arrivals into 15 due to terrain. If course, proper spacing is required.


Either way they showed a lack of Unicom use to let other aircraft know their intentions.

Quite frankly, unacceptable on the expert server. I was on expert, but with the new requirements I was put down to TS. When I see this on expert it makes me so 😡. The 5% of trolls force the 95% of people that fly honestly look bad, and force us back o TS, where we are met with, guess what; more trolls. I don’t blame the devs, I think that they have taken appropriate steps, I blame the nimrods.


So you are saying you didn’t properly hold short while he was on final.

I wasnt even first in line. Other people had announced take off before this guy even announced inbound.

At KASE aircraft should depart on 33 and land on 15. Make sure you know what you’re talking about first, please.


Before yesterday I was at KSAN expert server, I was taxiing to runway 27 and a person went through me on the taxi way and took off on the taxi way

Yes that’s known to happen. Can’t get them all I guess.


I was surprised to see that

Happening to me currently on Expert. I want/need 33, can only get 15, and there’s no way of telling the controller that 33 is the takeoff runway…

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Request a runway change

Already did that

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Then follow the ATC instructions, nothing else can be done.

Kindof a conundrum. When it is controlled realistically, some pilots get mad that they can’t land rwy 33 and take off 15. When it is controlled in a more familiar fashion (land & takeoff 15), some pilots complain that they should be taking off 33. You just can’t win. :)


Sometimes it is hard to accommodate that real world procedure when someone is controlling the airspace, because the traffic amounts can be much higher in the sim than they are in real world, but don’t get me wrong, when we can use that procedures like that, we try to as much as possible. The real world procedure works because KASE (IRL) is not as busy of an airspace as other airports. That’s where the sim differs from real life, simply the volume of traffic. When the airspace gets hectic in the sim, the controller sometimes has to go awry from the real world procedure to maintain efficiency and safety. In real world at KASE, I’m sure that you will probably rarely or never have to clear a takeoff from 33 while someone is on final to 15. It just wouldn’t work on the sim, due to, there will most likely always be someone on final when you would have a chance to clear someone for takeoff, when the airport is being controlled. That is why, sometimes, takeoffs on 33 just can’t be accommodated. :)


I’m fully aware, I totally get what you’re saying. :)

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I’m not sure blasting people on the forum for not following rules is part of the community guidelines. It’s supposed to be a positive environment, if you have a problem with someone, PM them. If you can’t cause they’re not on the forum, there’s really no point to this “wall of shame.”