Expert, Training, Casual. Category

Hi IFC! I was wondering, can there be a #expert #training and #casual category? That would be really helpful and useful to me and all of the fellow IFC forum members.

Not really necessary #live is good enough for us 40000 users!
Cign :D

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That’s for ATC training for IFATC candidates I believe.

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I do not think so…

#training is for IFATC training.

Not sure how these categories for each server would be helpful. #live, #live:groupflights, and #live:events cover all needed subjects. Tags aren’t really necessary.


Explain why it would be useful.

What exactly would be put in these category’s there no real need? Ghosting, we have a category for that? Events we have a category for that as-well there is no real need!

I think this should be in the fechers category. This does not go in the Meta category.

Meta is for questions.

No, #meta is fine. #features is only for in-app feature requests. Please read the category guidelines before posting.


There’s really no need to separate everything out. A question can apply to multiple servers.