Expert Spawn in Listen Tower on Expert

I just got done listening to some live ATC in the real world and was going to spawn in UUEE on Infinite Flight, Expert server. Can I listen to the tower while parked at the gate for fun?

I like listening to ATC.


Hello @Patria,

That would be perfectly fine, as long as you don’t spam the frequencies or interfere with traffic.

If you have any questions, let me know! :)


Hey, that’s fine as long as it isn’t radar :)

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Hey Patria … I think I saw you at a gate / parking spot tuned to tower while I was controlling UUEE over the last three hours. I figured you were listening in which is totally fine.

Not sure when you left but it got pretty busy after approach left (of course :) ). Was a fun 30 minutes or so!


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