expert sever report

i was reported 7 days ago for not following atc instructions, even though i reported back unable i was reported, i’ve been dropped back to grade 2? when do i get grade 3 back if the 7 day ban is already up? and i still haven’t got it back

Welcome to the community! What time Zulu were you reported? The report expires exactly 7 days after the time the report was issued

Welcome to the Community! Has it been exactly a week? If so, try a little flight to refresh your stats:)

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What was your callsign? Maybe I can Help :)

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I had the same problem recently and all I had to do to get it fixed was change my callsign (weird, I know). So I recommend trying that.

Maybe you should try restarting the app or if that doesn’t work put your problem in #support and welcome to the community

Try spawning into a new flight and hitting “end flight”. It should reset your violation.

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