Expert sever complaints

Where can you report someone for doing something like say start rolling and almost hit you while you are crossing a runway. Or not use unicorm at all so I don’t know that they are roll and I can’t see them for some reason but with plenty of time to stop taking off but instead they almost hit me.


I believe only IFATC can do that. But considering it’s on Unicom, you can’t really do anything about it.

I understand your point. However even though expert server is meant for best behaviour from pilots, many times we see some people not following unicom at uncontrolled airports and it might cause problem to someone else. But no one can help this situation. If ATC is not present then you can’t report someone. Better to do is to avoid such pilots and carry on with your flight. Good Luck!!

Ok thanks that’s a rip for me i guess

You can send a private message to @moderators and it will be checked

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If you go the moderator route, make sure you have a replay.

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Unfortunately on Unicom this happens. I had a situation where someone cut me off on final and thought he didn’t need to use Unicom because there were no other planes around.

I don’t think moderators can help much because ecen though someone did create a conflict yet they can’t be reported after the flight has ended so i feel even if you complain to the moderators, they might not be able to report that guy.

I don’t even know who a mod would report if a conflict involve one plane that violates the right of way of another who is not using unicom.

I mean he was so close to almost going through me

Not relevant…
I’m not sure if mods actually enforce the use of unicom. You are supposed to check the runway for traffic if you are crossing. Now if you are backtaxiing and the other plane taxies onto the runway and runs into you that’s a different story.

IDK why they haven’t fixed the issue that aircraft dots are almost impossible to see against the sky though.

I look it was night and I didn’t see anyone. I play with names off for some realism. He either didn’t have any lights on or wasn’t Rendering

Yeah there have been some recommendations on the forum to leave plane dots on during open beta exactly due to this issue.

im watching replay now and he waited for m. he rotaed at 273kts a overspeed. so this has to be on purpose.i was on the runway as he was at about 45 kts. while i annoced that i was crossing WAY before he started to roll. so i belive he was trying to troll me whihc is very annoying.

You CANNOT cross a runway when a plane is on the runway unless you are under ATC. There is a 1 minute rule remember?

BTW, IRL the use of landing lights are NOT required so you can’t call anyone out for that.

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Well I was at the very end of the runway as he was has just started roll even tho I said I was crossing the runway before he even lined up. He went full throttle and took off at 273 kts. I don’t really think I’m to much in the wrong. Also I would age. Stop he he said that he was takings off but he did say anything. He was also on of the people that spawn next to the runway don’t push back and just taxi.

Landing light side takeoff aren’t required?

It’s SOP. The only legal requirement AFAIK is that an aircraft needs to have a landing light to perform commercial ops at night (this is only refering for US)

Well it was about 12 am so I believe he lights were Required

Have a landing light, as in have it installed, not having it on

BTW you know landing lights don’t actually help with visibility right?