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Nothing to rant about here, did my first expert server flight from YSCB-YSSY at about 21:00 sydney time today. Was told to hold for about an 45 min, I mean Sydney was absolutely packed by the time I was cleared for lineup I had minimum fuel and it was about time I was cleared to land. Separation distance between me (landing 16R) and another plane landing 16L was too close so had to go around. Props to the appr controller (not sure who they were) for getting me back on final, and not memtion tower, with 20 min of fuel left. Anyways, initial thought is wow. Are all expert regions this packed? And are holding patterns of up to 45 min normal?


Yes, especially during the summer,


If you re flying into a IFATC featured airport, yes there s a pretty high chance that it will be absolutely packed


Only the hub. Try flying to NZQN for example instead I’m sure the controller there will appreciate it🙂

As much as we like a packed hub, many of us would like to see the traffic being more evenly spread


You are flying into a IFATC featured airport. There needs to be some pattern, if not the whole airspace will be in a mess.

I haven’t seen a hub with a reasonable traffic level in months

Yes that is normal for the main hub!

YSSY was busier than normal today with an average of about 250 arrivals, its usually very busy but not as busy as today. It really comes down to if you are in the right place at the right time, that depends on how quick the holding takes…
Happy Flying :D


Yes that is normal. Especially when going into the most busy airport controlled by IFATC.

US AM hours are going to always be the worst. That’s when the sleeping (Realism™) pilots awaken to land.


I mean yeah that makes sense

There has been quite an increase in traffic since most countries around the world have gone into lockdown. But I’ve never had to wait that long 🤔🤔🤔 it’s kinda just luck 😂😂

Realism police here: on behalf of myself, I don’t like to fly into such popular hubs like YSSY, KSFO, KLAX, EGLL, or KJFK when they are featured. I only fly realistic long hauls, always starting from the last airport I landed at, and therefore, I also follow the correct departure and arrival times. Because of my tendency towards ultra realism, I really dislike the IFATC services at such hubs because they can tend to get superfluous, lengthy, and just waste a lot of time eventually leading me to go beyond the 15 minutes allowed past the arrival time of my realistic flight (same policy as FR24).

I am not tying to bash the IFACT effort. I understand that traffic volumes in the sim can get to almost 3-5 times more than what is there in real life and it therefore warrants such absurd amounts of holding time. But, me being the realism police I am, I absolutely hate it when I have to land 45-60 minutes late simply because IFATC has to put in such outrageous and superfluous holding patterns!


I would recommend diverting if you have minimum fuel at an expert server hub.

You could also try flying into Auckland (NZAA) which isn’t expected to be as busy as Sydney (YSSY)

That is where I am headed with a long haul from Bangkok (VTBS) on TG491. It a nice flight that will hopefully not meet huge traffic volumes!

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No, expert server is normally very quiet, the only time expert server is busy or should I say the only place is IFATC controlled airports everywhere else is relatively quiet.

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