Expert Server's Violations.

Hey guys!
Just a quick question: Where can I find the list of all the violations for the expert server?
Thanks in advance.

You mean your own violations (you can find those in the logbook) or the general rules?

no i mea the general rules

You mean this?:


yes exactly. these are all the violations right?

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Yeah thats all


great thanks!


No problem!


No there is more .
Don’t contact atc if you above 18000 and .
Don’t contact atc if your speed Over 350 if you fly on F16 F14 F22.
I said that because i got ghosting for those reasons.

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He is asking about viloations…

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I know that but i want inform him about that if he want to stay on expert server .

I was refering to this

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Violations and ghostings are different. Violations are given by the system while ghostings are typically issued by a controller. Now, If you receive a violation, it will most likely just be slapped on your logbook but if you continue to receive violations you can get ghosted by the system.

The scenario that you mentioned was a ghosting by a controller.

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