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So in order to choose my own plane and livery do i have to do one of theese missions/flights first?

No, simply click “type” and select “Free flight”


The missions have a preselected livery and aircraft which you cannot change.

To fly freely with your desired aircraft and livery you can change the flying type from the top let where it says “Missions” and select “free flight”.


Thanks two both of you! Much appreciated. This is probably the biggest change on if since i got it in 2014 so its new and unknown for me.

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Think of “Missions” in it’s current state as a great replacement for the zillion “Route Suggestions needed” topics around here :)


Thats a good way of explaining it!

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Did @schyllberg just hint that Missions might expand past it’s further state?

No, you’re just reading imaginative stuff into it ;)


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