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If there is Approach working while your flying on Expert Server , do NOT switch to Tower or Unicom frequency Until instructed to do so. Or, you run the risk of being Ghosted/ Reported. Just ended an hour of working Approach at EGLL and if you saw how crazy and busy it was you can understand how frustrating it can be when we have to try and get you back to our frequency. Follow ALL instructions please.


So someone stole your approach frequency when you’re taking a break?

This is just as bad as switching to ground while still on the runway and tower is trying to tell you to expedite because there is an aircraft on short final.


I somehow think this has connections with me. Man I flew horribly today. Mustache saddens

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NO! He mean, if we app controllers give you the ILS clearance “XXX maintain 3.000 to established on the localizer, cleared ILS 25 approach” STAY ON OUR FREQUENCIE!!! We give you the command “XXX contact X-tower on 111.11”, don’t change the frequencie without permission…
Some ATC’s gives the clearance not at the ILS cone, rather 15-18 miles out of the aiport…
However, how @anon66442947 says, Pls be patient, we don’t forget you, and the tower don’t run away if you change 1 min later if you want, beleave us, we know when you should change the frequencie…

IFATC Officer ChrizZz


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