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I’ve been Grade 3 for about two weeks now and super nervous to fly on expert server because I’m worried I’ll get a violation. I think I know a lot but it’s pretty hard to practice on the training server with atc sometimes lacking knowledge. Does anyone have any tips?


Here’s some tips!

Most of it is just making sure you follow ATC instructions at all times. You do that, and you’ll be golden! 99% of Level 2/3 violations come from someone ignoring IFATC.


Congrats on grade 3! If you follow ATC instructions at all times, you’ll be completely fine! The expert server is really nothing to be scared about!

Really, if someone isn’t reported for trolling, it’s because they are interfering with traffic due to a lack of knowledge. If this were to happen, treat it as a learning experience, not a punishment.



you should to the the IFATC in training on TS they have some great learning experiences for you and it it like your on Expert but your on TS!!

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Check this out!


I’d read this topic too, receiving ATC violations/reports is a learning experience. Plus many of then thanks to the recent changes, will just put your session offline, you won’t be affected by one or two, and will have the same grade, and will be able to enter straight back into the server.


Here’s some common sense advice that isn’t explicitly said in the posts above and that many people get reported for: be courteous to other pilots.

If you taxi through someone, you’ll be reported.

If the plane in front of you is at 200kts and you’re at 250kts even though you were sequenced behind them, if you don’t slow down, you’ll be reported.

Showing some common sense and courtesy is really appreciated by the expert server controllers. If you miss an approach because you forgot to set your source to NAV1 or if you call in to tower or approach incorrectly, you’ll get a check user guide, sure, but you won’t be reported.

Have fun on the Expert Server!


This topic came at the perfect time for me as i also just reached Grade 3 yesterday. Ill look over all of these.
Also i went from buying Pro for the first time to Grade 3 in a matter of 11 days exactly. Did i set a new record? :)


No…its been done quicker - I’m not sure what the record is.


Also don’t think you need to know every corner of every tutorial to have fun on the expert server. A good pilot is always learning and as long as you listen to ATC and be courteous to other pilots it’s okay to “let your hair down” every once in a while


Congratulations! I look forward to seeing you on the expert server :)

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I have something better than a tip. A top secret document (just kidding, its in the atc manual).

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Thank you for that output. I’ve been going over every tutorial for the past week now. Every time I hear the ATIS when I start I feel like there’s instantly a spot on me and get super nervous but I flew my first successful flight today on the expert server with no problems so I guess it was a success :)

Keep in mind, reports aren’t a first resort. I can’t speak for other controllers, but I myself only report users after many warnings or a blatant disregard of an obvious rule (like taking off from a taxiway).

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I had this same fear before I joined expert server, but what you will soon realize is that controllers are much more lenient than you think they are.

Us controllers have many ways of handing out “reminders” such as asking a pilot to leave a runway because they weren’t cleared to enter. If you don’t interfere with traffic (and aren’t doing anything like taking off from the gate), there really isn’t a reason for a report, just a suggestion.

With that said, the number one thing to keep in mind is situational awareness. For example, when taxiing, check your map frequently to make sure you’re not in danger of a collision, especially if it’s busy and your aircraft count is low. If the aircraft ahead of you is flying slowly, then slow down so you don’t break spacing with them. Aside from listening to the controllers, it’s all about paying attention to what pilots around you are doing and reacting accordingly.

Have fun on Expert!


Nice. Now that cracked me up!😂


Follow the instructions, if they change your runway adapt it, they will give you vectors to the new runway and make sure you tune your ILS to that runway, and talking on ground do not request for frequency change when you reach the hold short, they will always give you to contact tower command before commencing the taxi. And expect deviations in your flight plan too. Probably centre controller will give you the correct IFR cruising altitude according to your heading.
There are some airspace you needs to know, so that you will know when to contact which controller
Tower controller 25nm and at or below 5000
Approach controller 50nm and Surface to 18000
Centre controller Surface to FL600
Most of the time controller will hand you over to the appropriate controller or told you to contact other frequency
That’s pretty much you will expect

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This reply helped a lot! Thank you :)

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I would highly suggest making sure you know the basics of an expert server W/ATC flight which I’ll list below.

Proper planning: Be observant, plan your departure and flight away from heavily trafficked zones and on the smartest (not quickest) route.

Taxiing: Keep your head on a swivel, you never know if someone’s about to start pushback or if they’re about to pull out in front of you. Never assume you have the right of way.

Takeoff: Only enter the runway when cleared, be realistic about your takeoff to prevent errors.

Climb: Be aware of other aircraft, especially those on approach. If you’re departing always give approaching aircraft the right of way, be aware for smaller GA aircraft who may not be able to keep up with jets.

Cruise: If you’re active, and on you’re flight, always keep an eye out for other aircraft/active center frequencies. If you’re not active however, you’ll be completely fine and not blamed for any mistakes.

Descent/approach: Tune into ATIS to get all information and follow ALL instructions unless you’re about to run into a mountain. You have the right of way if you’re following approaches commands. If you’re descending into an airport with only tower though, make sure to give the right of way should you have to.

Landing: Once again, make it realistic for the least mistakes. If you end up skidding off the runway, maybe it’s a good idea to despawn. Exit runway at a safe and slow-ish speed, make sure you’re giving the aircraft behind you on final plenty of room.

Taxi to gate: I see this one too often, people lose interest and focus at this stage, but quite honestly, ATC dishes out a lot of violations to those taxiing to gates because they aren’t paying attention. So bad aware, same things as I had mentioned before.

All in all this is essentially how to fly an expert server flight from an IFATC Perspective. Happy flying and congrats on grade 3!

5 Nms Lateral separation
1000FT Vertical separation
Unless you’re under approach’s control, on final or flying a formation flight.


Absolutely understand you, I am grade 3 for months but still have same worry, even if I can say I am not bad. Training server is not good training place for expert server