Expert Server

Uhm recently I have noticed the rise in “inexperienced” pilots flooding the expert server. Just now I was taking off I had not rotated but some guy had touched down just behind me. Also Ive been getting mid-aired a-lot by these pilots and its getting really annoying. So i was wondering if you (IF) could increase the achievements for grade 3.


The MODS will just shut this down, but there are a lot of us that agree with you. All they need to do is up the grade requirements but for some reason we keep getting shut down.


Then I will keep on until change happens.

They’ve said in the past hey are working on something about this issue

Okay then.

They are working in something be patient :)


Really? That is nice to know. All I ever see though is people’s posts being shut down immediately. Thats why I said that , but if there is actually plans in progress, I’ll shut up haha


Haha, Im waiting.

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Read the last comment of this thread.

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You could also tap on the report button and I’m sure Infinite Flight staff will check the report out.

Only IFATC supervisors, Mods and Staff can do that ;)

You could report but not ghost.

Report button is non functional.

The reason this happens is because people keep continuing to make these topics without doing even the tiniest bit of searching on the forum to see if the question has already been answered. It’s not that they’re being “shut down”, it’s just that the question has already been answered and it stops people complaining again and again in a thread.


Report is the same as Ghost

Ive reported the guy

But im confused as to why ATC did nothing at all

That’s what i mean

Yes i have done that

As has been stated many times before on other topics, the button is non functional to prevent abuse and trolling. Only select IFATC and staff can use it. It exists but doesn’t actually do anything.

Just popping in.

With the current global happenings and everyone staying home and doing their bits to flatten the curve, more and more less experienced pilots are getting enough time on their hands to bring up their stats which causes an influx of inexperienced grade 3 pilots. IFATC are trying to do all they can to Keep the IF skies as safe as possible because of that. I’m sure it’ll die down eventually 😉