Expert Server

I got reported on the expert server, and it says violations 52 out of 50 on the 12 month bit

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Hello sir…yes there is amount of violations u can make in a months…u be automatically reported if u exceed the number…
Maybe u can approach any mod if anything happned while youh were away or watching tutorials wud be a very nice way to avoid violations…😊

Hey there can you elaborate


If you got reported on the Expert server and want to discuss the report, search on your logbook the name of the controller

Otherwise, I do not think its necessary to clog the forum speaking about your violations/ landing ratio… you may elaborate a bit so we can help you


From what I am picking up i think this is OPs answer

  • The reason you cant get expert server is because the amount of landings is high than the violations. I suggest you increase your landings while avoiding any increase of reports and violations

Edit: nvm Expert Server - #2 by Hari

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Doing patten work on an airport with good parallel runways should do the trick for your landing count to increase

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Ok thank you guys!


I recommend going to an airport with cross cross runways and use a TBM to get landings fast. BIRK worked for me, stay in the air for 30 seconds then touchdown on the runway and the landings will start to pick up!

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