Expert Server

How do I apply to be an Air Traffic Controller on the expert server?
I can not seem to find any link or application to fill out.

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Hey! Check the following topic for information on joining the IFATC team :)


Good luck with the test m8 (:


Thanks for your interest in joining IFATC. Unfortunately, you are unable to apply currently as your ‘trust level’ is too low — having just joined the forums today (welcome too). You can find more information on ‘trust levels’ and generally a beginners’ guide to the forums below.

Above, Thomas has correctly supplied you with information on IFATC recruitment, but let me re-attach the provided link for my sake of getting this answer well-rounded.

There is no saying exactly how long it will take for you to get to the required ‘Trust Level 1’ to apply with IFATC. However, until then, you have time to work on getting as good as you can for the written and practical exams by reading the IFATC manual and watching tutorial videos.

Good luck with your eventual IFATC recruitment and, once again, welcome to the forums!



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