Expert server?

They get a server description when selecting it and a NOTAM pop-up every time they spawn in. One would think that’s reminder enough of how to behave.

The best part is, everyone knows how to behave. As soon as a purple or blue tag pops up, this…

…quickly turns into this…

Just an overall lack of discipline and respect for others around them. I don’t know what would be a good solution though.


Some people would be confused of what TS1 and TS2 are but it was a reference that i think holds to it’s self and many people do agree and i mean that in no offence to anyone

Bunch of kids just fly overnighters with a few landings and boom, they are all in expert. Once school starts, the amount of these ppl should decline as they are mostly kids who don’t know what they are doing. We got to enforce some discipline along with some new rules

@mr_speedbird grade means absolutely nothing. There could be grade 5 kids with lots of free time who taxi through people, and there could be grade 1 pilots who are actual pilots irl with little time.

People know what they’re doing but as soon as the risk of them getting ghosted goes away they don’t care. Like showed up top, atc left nobody cared a mod or staff showed up and everything was in order again so

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Some people who are usually obnoxious are probably in a rush to land as they need to go, this may not always be the case but it can be

Doesn’t matter what the situation is. The bottom line for everyone is to respect the airspace and yourself. If you are in a rush to land in a busy airport without ATC, it doesn’t grant you priority over everyone else. If that’s your situation then either quit or divert to a close airport

@Alphadog4646 that’s also true. It’s usually a combination of both from my 3+ yrs of flying here.

Yea i agree my friend

Well (correct me if I’m wrong) each and everyone of you have the power to report a pilot. Enough reports will ghost a pilot.

You can’t now. Reporting a pilot doesn’t work because it was being misused a lot.

Only mods and IFATC can report.

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No. The report button does nothing anymore due to previous abuse.

And IFATC only have the ability to report while controlling (which obviously isn’t the issue in this thread).


Too lazy to do a go around this is really amateur stuff for the expert server It doesn’t take much time… 🤦🏻‍♂️


Thanks everyone for that I appreciate it. This is just proof that we need a new revamped report button for pilots to report one another. Clearly this system would need to provide a specific reason for the report and a review process, but all of this is a discussion for another topic.

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Literally there needs to be someway to report other people on the expert server for doing stuff like that. and it is alot harder for people to lie about it as there is a replay now. I am honestly sick and tired of people pulling this stuff all the time. I wish the devs would listen to us on the rules and make them stricter.


The report system should be returned, but with a couple changes.

  • Each user has a limited number of reports/day. For example, if limited to 1, they can only report 1 user per day. This limits their ability to misuse the system by spam reporting everyone.

  • Make the ability to report a user more difficult. Place the report button in a less accessible place, and require a reason for the report. This makes the report process longer, which will deter less serious reporting.

  • After a user has been reported 3 or more times in a day, place their account in a watchlist (database?). Limit their times reported to 3/day. When they have had successive (3/day) reports over several days, the system ghosts them or hands their account details to a mod for review. This prevents a user from being spam reported, and punished unfairly. Users who do deserve punishment, and continue to behave that way, will be punished.

This system may not be perfect, but it would be a big improvement to the user-report system, and an improvement to the quality of pilots in both TS and ES.

@Gliding_Central My comment relates to nearly every other comment on this post. There isn’t much regulation on ES (except for active IFATC or mod), and no regulation on TS. Also, there is no reason when a normal user reports another user.

@Ecoops123 My comment is on topic, as it relates to nearly every other comment here, regarding the behavior of pilots and the reporting system. ATC, rather no ATC with pilots continuing to behave poorly with no reason to stop (the subject of the OP’s post). The post you linked has little relation to my comment. I’m also a basic user still, so I can’t make a formal proposal. However, as I mentioned earlier, my comment here fits as it relates to every other comment.


It’s the expert server for a reason. To enforce regulations. So that’s not going to work. The only way people learn is from their mistakes and nothing else. Simple thinking. ☺️ Forgetting to mention we do have a reason bar for ghosting people on the server.

@IF515 This is off topic, that can be found in this post

IFATC isn’t guaranteed 24/7. These people have normal lives like you, and the staff, mods, and the pilots for Ryanair, but not me I’m active 10-20 hours a day on simulation games…

IFATC has a much smaller community than we think, it takes a lot to become one, several tests, and handling twice the traffic of KLAX. Just respect them for being there and follow their instructions straight away to give them the help they need

Whilst ATC isn’t active, the only people to blame is you, the pilots (not generally YOU, figure of speech.) I have had this loads, and even been ghosted once because of it, but we’ve got to get this behind us, Infinite Flight can’t promise us realism, but still amazes us to this day.

Also I believe from one of these points on, this topic should be closed, good day all.

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As much as I would like to be able to ghost pilots while flying, I am still afraid that this feature will be abused. Imagine you’re finally landing after a 16 hour flight. All of a sudden, some troll ghosts you and your flight is ruined. That would definitely be upsetting. It honestly might cause more problems than it solves.

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This is to roughly to do with this topic.

This is a topic about pilots in the expert server and ATC not being there

Your post is about the Report system and what you’d like to see, and the same to the rest of you, I hate being the one that points it out and gets everyone annoyed, but I’ve had too many off topic flags for stupid reasons, say… a photo of the TBM in a TBM groupflight with 2 of us ? 🤷‍♂️.

I want to stop people from getting frustrated, there’s nothing worse than going on the IFC thinking someone wants to talk to you about what you like, and in fact it’s the opposite…

Now I’m going off topic, so I’ll end it here…


If it isn’t a group flight and you really want it fixed vote here:


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