Expert server?

So this is what happens when the controller goes off at RPLL.people need to remember that it isn’t TS. 2 people landing at once on the same runway…5 aircraft on final… no spacing. It’s not acceptable on Expert server.


Agreed. I have experienced this before. Unfortunately people think that they can do whatever they want when there’s no ATC…


Had the same problem


It’s crazy. Worst I’ve seen on expert in a while


Yeah I see you Andre I’m in the a340 I might wait for a controller to be active

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I saw that!!! I mean like what the hell???
I got ghosted previous time bc of sending duplicate message to controller then he got annoyed then report me…

and THEY can land the plane with another in the same time without ghosting… like WOW so FAIR


I see you. I’ll wait or exit the sim. No point to depart in this mess

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Theres no approach controller active at the moment making it impossible for just a tower and ground controller to handle everything

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Atc is active now

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If IFATC were active they would’ve been ghosted or this situation wouldn’t have taken place in the first place.

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i dont care if there is ATC active or not, is just the player altitude…and yet there is no way to report them from player to player

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Its aaaaallll bout priority which everyone wants…


Unfortunately they can’t give that privilege to everyone cause of the risk of it being misused although mods can ghost other players if they’re present and notice the trolls/immature players 🤦‍♂️


Realism at its finest…

Seriously though. You’re all going to the same place, and getting on the ground 5 minutes later than you planned to isn’t a big deal. There’s a reason why it’s called the Expert server.

Remember, anyone can follow all the rules when IFATC/mods are around. It’s what you do when no one is watching that counts towards being a good/bad pilot.


Thank you @JackH for coming to the rescue.

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I haven’t seen this yet, yet again I don’t fly much on the Expert server.

During Friday’s FNF, the controllers went offline for 10mins approx. in WSSS, however everyone remained professional, the departing and arriving traffic synced accordingly and all went well.

What I have seen here though is just Training Server madness…


The same thing happened with me a few weeks ago. When atc goes out, ES becomes chaos

It’s fine and understandable if the people are new to expert and have just transitioned from Training to Expert, so they can be let off as they still need to understand the rules, but to people who have been on expert for a while they should surely know how to behave in it

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Luckily by the time I got there, there was some order and better spacing between myself the pilot in front and behind me. I was worried on my approach when I saw exactly what is on the pic and went quiete slow and wide to get some spacing. ATC got there in time and vectored some of the pilots away to restore order.

I’m going to have to disagree with you there. One should know the rules on how to fly on Expert before they actually perform a flight. I assure you, no IFATC would accept “Oh I’m new and didn’t know the rules” as an excuse for being ghosted.