Expert server

I am only a couple of days away from my first flight on the expert server any comments on what to do, atc, etc…


Just be a good pilot :)


Avoid very busy air space controlled by ATC. Go somewhere and get comfortable first. Always follow all instructions , Relax and have fun


Don’t get too nervous. If you’re nervous and you make a mistake, you may be faulted for it. If you keep your cool and just follow all instructions, you’ll be fine.


Ok thanks I will take this into account

I was very nervous my first time on the expert server but just use what you know from tutorials and have fun.

Don’t get violations and always listen to ATC no matter what.

And listen to atis

Turn the strobe lights only when you entering an runway and follow the instructions.

What everybody else said.
Plus: watch the IF tutorials on YouTube.

If you get referred to tutorials by the controller, don’t just quit your flight, but check here and find out what you may have missed.

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Ok thanks I will remember that

Ok thanks everyone

Learn how to fly correctly first on forum and enjoy

Always follow IFATC instructions.

Here are some mistakes I made which got me reported 3 times:

  • When IFATC say straight out departures, it means when you are clear of aircraft departing a parallel runway, you can begin a turn in your desired direction for departure.

  • When they say no intersection departures allowed, go right back to the end of the runaway (Green runaway number) Make sure it says on ATIS that that is a departing runaway.

  • Always trust IFATC, they have been tested and are very reliable.

My PM’s are always open if you need help!

Thanks a lot I am looking forward to starting

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Ull feel a lot nervous when you start ur first flight. But trust me its easy. Of course u need to keep all the points my fellow members have said but take it easy and remember! Eyes on the screen when u start and when u land. Welcome to the Expert Club. Hope to see you in the skies soon. Also consider joining some VAs once u are on ES. Cheers!

Yes I will certainly consider it and thanks for the tips

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