Expert server

Who was approach controller at LAX around 3:30 EST today? Would like to know why I was reported for sending 2 commands, very unprofessional of you

Well he might have thought you were spamming frequency

That’s because it’s spamming!

Send the message once and wait!!

Patience is key my friend!


As IFATC controllers it is very hard for them to get your message immediately be patient pup it will take a second or two especially at KKAX it is very busy they will get to you @Ecurr1996

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Sent a request for an approach at runway 25L then sent im sorry due to sending the wrong runway

Yeah…if you make a mistake usually ATC will correct it and choose what runway they want you on!

I am very patient, I sent 2 things and got reported and dropped to a grade 2, which I. D.o.n.t think is fair considering he was sending on guard warnings to aircrafts so he must not have been that busy if he wanted more planes on his frequency

Don’t worry…also sometimes ATC do mistakes!

Someone will find your controller and you will get to talk to them!

Go into your log book and find the username and search them up here in IFC. If you cannot find them, drop their username here and we can send them to you.

No need to call out or complain in public. PM is the best way to go about this.

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That’s what I’m hoping, hoping admin can reverse it as I planned to do a long haul tonight on expert since I hate TS due to such immature people!!!

Right know KLAX has 102 people that are coming into the airport or have that destination set if you were more patient this would have not happen in what time fram did you send the messages 5 mins 10 mins

please do what @TwinsRock88 said

I believe the controller at that time was @GHamsz, contact him via PM and he’ll talk it through with you :)


Here’s what’s wrong with this. No matter what runway you ask for, it there are 100 inbounds you don’t get a say. The controller chooses your runway. Also, if you want to change runway you should say “disregard last message”. Also, 25L a adequate runway. If you were trying to 25R then you probably would have been given 25L anyway. (I don’t get the 25R hype). Be sure to know every command on atc before flying on Expert!

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Shoot a message to @ghamsz as he was the controller who issued the reporting. Provide your callsign and display name when you do.