Expert Server

On the expert server it is meant for realism and for the people that take this seriously. I was just spawned at EGLL and someone in a 747 just spooled up to 100% at the gate and took off in the middle of Heathrow. This shouldn’t be happening on the expert server it’s crazy to think that people find this okay.


Hey if there is no ATC or mods present sadly there is nothing you can do about it.

You’re 100% sure this was on Expert?

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You can always share your replay with a moderator if someone is displeased by the issue (:

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You are right :)

It’s more the fact that people think that it’s acceptable to do it

Remember to link the video you posted on slack.

When did this happen?

It wouldn’t let me

5-10mins ago

Upload it to youtube then post the link. Not many are going to believe you until they see the video. You can also share you flight as well.

You are right, however some people do it on accident, or they want to be funny. But, I totally agree that this should not happen not only on expert server but on all servers. It does not require a pilot to know that a plane does not take off from the gate.

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I’ll sort that out in a min

It’s just a thing that can spoil it for everyone else

It’s possible that they may have experienced some sort of technical/network difficulties.

He / She will have picked up a rack of taxi speed violations. That will kick them off expert for a bit I presume

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MaxSez: I considered this Topic a “Target Post”. Everybody gets a chance to badmouth the unknown miscreant. A little empathy folk before you rant about your unknown Brother/Sister. Consider this;

“For all Airmen there exists a kind of guild, without charter and without by-laws. It demands no requirements for inclusion save an understanding of the wind, the compass, the rudder, and fair fellowship. It is a camaraderie sans sentiment of the kind that men who once sailed uncharted seas in wooden ships must have known and lived by." (Wiley Post 1933)


Actually the Expert Server is like Training Server… yesterday i spawn in KIAD and i See lot of Dirty Pilots . Someone was on Easyjet and someone Ryanair … thats Not Realism. They are use the Strobe Lights on Gate and Taxiway 😂😂