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Hi there!
Glad to see someone interested in finding out what to do instead of just jumping on and complaining about getting ghosted. Basically, the main stuff is all above, listen to instructions, check #tutorials, etc, but here’s a few things from me:

  • Common sense: Just try to think about why you were told something, and follow the instruction in the most expeditious and least intrusive way
  • Situational awareness: Look at the map. Analyze what’s going on around you. Example: there’s no need to check in with approach every five minutes to make sure I haven’t forgotten you, especially when there’s an aircraft 7nm in front and behind you, both at the same heading and flight level. Observe the situation. Look at the pattern approach is using. When there’s no approach and tower sequences you, make sure you find the aircraft you’re following. If you’re sent to Go Around because there’s a plane on the runway, don’t rage quit.
  • If you’re told to check help pages then take a screenshot of the ATC log and try to find what you did wrong in #tutorials. If you aren’t sure, PM the screenshot to the controller and ask them to explain.
  • When flying into controlled airspace, pick up the ATIS before you contact the first frequency
  • Most importantly: Have fun!


Thanks very much!!!

I am good at realism. It would be nice to have some go around a instead of 3 airplanes combining into one!! Cheers!!!

I will add to what others have said. Some pilots do not like being escorted… Some find it very annoying when it is not planned ahead of time.


Just a quickie, should I check in to approach or wait for them to tell me to tune in to their frequency? Thanks

Check in, then request approach/vectors. If it’s busy, don’t wait for them to answer “Roger” or “radar contact.”

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To add on to everything else, don’t make IFATC babysit you. If we tell you to taxi to a runway not close to you, taxi to it. If we sequence you 8th in line for landing, don’t cut the line. We shouldn’t have to guide you along like it’s your first time flying on multiplayer.

But hey, don’t be afraid! Ghosting is only for people who interfere with others and completely ignore the rules. If you mess up on something small, you’re fine :)

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Will keep that in mind, thanks!

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I’m gonna be nervous… I got 0 reports and violations. I wanna keep it that way

im grade 4 and am 11years old I have 3 reports!

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As a matter of fact, if you mess up something small and I (or any other controller) send you a Please Follow Instructions, I’ll be really happy to see you enquire about it. We’ll explain it, brush it off and you’re good to fly again. And what do you know, you could even make a friend…

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