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Hello everyone it’s me again!! (I’ll Escort You)

So I’m currently trying to work my way up to expert server, I am pretty experienced for a 14 year old. I understand directions and etc… although when I get to Expert Server, does anyone know any critical things that can get my into trouble? (Reports, Violation, Penalty, Ghost)? Is there things I should be worried about?? Other than Realism and seriousness??

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This Will help you :)

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Thank you very much!!

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@Chris_Wing Couldn’t have done it better by giving you sources to look at. But all in all when you may make a mistake or a little tiny hiccup along the road, just be confident and mature in yourself next time and always follow instructions as best as possible at any given moment. Take a look at other examples presented through the forum of what some pilots have done wrong, and take that to do something right ;)

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Nothing really to be worried about :)

Just make sure you’re all ready to go and have gone over all the tutorials and everything.

Additionally, here’s a brief rundown on what to remember:

  • Follow ATC directions
  • Make sure to ask for permission before pushback, taxi, runway crossing, entering a runway and all that
  • Be sure to check your surroundings for other planes. Both in the air and on the ground
  • If you are sequenced remember who you are following and the number
  • Make sure to check ATIS
  • Make sure to always use unicom correctly/appropriately
  • If you ever have a question about why a controller did something, feel free to PM them :)

Also, check out this video here to perfect your knowledge:

And most importantly, have fun!

See you around the expert server, soon!


Will do, thanks!!!

Very useful info!!! See you soon in the Expert!!! Although one question… when u said PM an ATC, do I look up thier in game user or how can I find the ATC that I wanna ask/ comm with??


You can search up their in-game username as when we’re controlling, we (IFATC) are required to use a username which will resemble with our IFC Username if you search it up :)


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And in the unlikely situation you can’t find a controller, just create a topic with a screenshot of the controller’s in-game username and someone will happily direct you to them :)


In addition to what @Luke_M said, be patient. I’ve seen many newer expert server pilots pushback from their place in line, and move to another taxiway in order to takeoff first. When it was clearly my turn in line he phased through me with at least 3 other people watching. Let’s just say he didn’t take off that day ;)

Just follow all directions no matter how inconvenient they are🤷🏻‍♂️

Thank you! I’ll keep all this in mind for future info!

Had that problem multiple times today on training server, (I usually am KLAX tower ATC) It was a very crowded frequency and a very big pileup bc the tower before me quit. I was realistically bring in landings and sending off departures as soon as the runway was clear. But some people decided to stay on ground frequency, and phase thru the line and takeoff without permission. About 5+ min later I cleared this line up and was waiting for the next crowd.

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Not to mention that I got 2 people calling me every 1 person I finish with

That’s Training Server for ya.

Luckily though it rarely happens in Expert. I’m sure you’ll be there in no time 👍

It gets really crowded


You had some good advice above. To prepare I do recommend to view the pilot tutorials on YouTube. If you go to the #tutorials section, you’ll find them.

If you’ve done a lot of flying on Training server and you want to check if you may have developed some ‘bad habits’, then I suggest you look here.

Remember IFATC don’t have a mission to ghost you. So don’t just quit when you get a “please follow instructions”.

If you get told to “please check tutorials on the forum”, you can first check this reference.

See you in the expert skies.

Thank you very much, I’ll look back into all of these for references in the Expert Flights!!!

Trust me: just the fact you joined the community on this forum and asked the right questions before you start flying on Expert server, makes you a winner in my book! 😊🌷

That’s the first thing that came to my mind. I am afraid to embarrass myself or do the wrong things on IF… especially when I make it to Expert… so I thought asking the community would help clarify my questions, and I have gotten tons of help from the community!!! Best decision!!!

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You know something i had the same worries when i was about to join expert server. I created a topic on the forum and got all this wonderful advice from all the regulars of the community.
They assured me that there is no need to worry and in my book you are a winner as well. As as a result of that i am a better pilot today.

NOTE!! If your flying to an airport with IFATC Make sure you’re tuned to the Approach before arrival and follow instructions, otherwise you’ll be ghosted ( Landing and Tunning the Tower without the permission from the approach will result in you being ghosted ) Have a wonderful day =) the moment you experience how amazing IF EXPERT Pilots and events , FNF, IFATC Schedule, believe me you won’t be going back to training server unless your grade is demoted ;)