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Hi guys, yay I made it to grade 3 😁 Should I be worried about going to expert server? Will I lose my grading if I mess up? Or should I just stay in TS and look for active ATC airports just to get better? Thanks

The Expert Server is the most realistic of all the servers. If you know what you’re doing, and follow ATC commands, you’ll be fine.

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Have a good look at the Tutorials, both here on this forum and on YouTube.

It would be good if you know all the rules.

Search for info on:

  • know how to fly a visual pattern
  • understand pattern entry, and sequencing
  • exit runway and cross a parallel runway
  • how to execute a go-around
  • how to work with Approach ATC, approach types

Stuff like that. Not rocket science, but good to know.

The clip below shows A10 tutorial, but when click you find a big list of tutorials.

Have fun! 😊

You will go down to grade 2 if you get ghosted

It depends on your own knowledge/understanding of ATC.
I would recommend if you want more practice with ATC, to look on the forum for those with ATC Tracking threads, as they are also training for IFATC.


I think to be safe I might do some ATC training, it makes sense. I can fly the plane etc but I want to be sure I understand, thanks guys

Can I choose an airport to practice ATC in? ie, a local one to me?

Its not that hard. Use common sense, listen to ATC, Follow speed restrictions and respect others.


Exactly what @Chad_Garnett said.
Just follow the rules and listen to ATC and you’ll be fine.

Don’t be intimidated by Expert.

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Do you mean as a pilot or as ATC?

As ATC I wanna break myself in lol

Ok, you’re free to open on training, any airport you like, assuming it’s edited and has the frequencies. The difficulty you may have is getting traffic and when you do, many pilots maybe clueless.
It isn’t necessary to learn ATC as a controller to use it as a pilot, but it will certainly give you a better understanding/grounding.
On the tutorial link that someone kindly posted above, there is ATC tutorials also.

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Once you do get on to the expert just have fun, be patient and follow rules. If they refer you to the tutorials you can message the controller about what mistake you made :) I did that.


Definitely don’t be scared of expert.

Expert server is there for people to enjoy a high level of professionalism, not to intimidate people. If you know the rules and watch the tutorials you shouldn’t have any problems on expert.

IFATC maintain a high standard of realism, but we will not ghost you for a simple mistake. Rather, we will usually send you a Please check tutorials on the forum for assistance using ATC instructions. If you get that message, don’t worry. It is your clue that there is something you probably don’t fully understand yet, and that is OK. Come here, look at the tutorials again, ask someone, and find what’s right.

It might even be helpful to record all your flights on the chance that you do get a check tutorials you can go back through the video and try to understand what went wrong. Or feel free to PM me here, and I’ll be happy to explain anything.

– Jakub

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Thanks guys, will give it a go tmrw after work and see how I do 😬

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I used to be terrified of the expert server because of ATC. Now I fly exclusively on expert. All you have to do if follow ATC commands you will be ok.

If you are really scared I’d be happy to fly a flight of two with you where I’d do the communications and you’d observe. That way you can learn by flying next to me without the fear of messing up ;)

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