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I just graduated to level three so I could fly on the expert server,in my haste and excitement I didn’t even realise there was a practice server to practice on before using the expert server…so with this,on my first flight on the expert server I didn’t realise you should not exceed 250kts below 10,000 ft and did not reduce my speed fast enough so subsequently I got ghosted…I am now back to level one…so my question is do I automatically get my level 3 status back or do I have to earn it again??

Did you get violations or ghosted? There is a ghost after getting 6 violations called a system ghost.

Casual server is the only server where you won’t get violations, the training server also has the normal violations in place such as you can’t go over 250IAS under 10,000ft

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Well, your going to have to wait a week until oil can access expert again if you got over I believe 5 violations, that would knock you back a grade or two. If you got system ghosted, that would also kick you off the server for a week.

I recommend that you check out #tutorials, and practice more on the training server so you are more experienced on the expert server. Here is a tutorial I recommend you look at:

Yeah I got six violations in about thirty seconds lol then got ghosted…that’s the only violations I’ve ever gotten…so after a week I’ll be back up to level 3 again??thanks for the help guys

That is correct.

That’s great news…thanks very much

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Try reading up and watching all of the tutorials on the forum in #tutorials so you don’t get ghosted by a Controller next time, if you haven’t checked out #tutorials yet. 🙂

Thanks buddy, will do

And one more thing, take a look st this topic as well before you head on to expert again.

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