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I was recently qualified to access the expert server. I was wondering if anyone could give me pointers on how to use it like a real pilot would. Thank you


Basically, follow ATC commands, try to keep your violation amount low, and you should be good! Welcome to the Expert Server!


This is a whole topic on what to leave behind


Be sure to maintain professionalism, be courteous to those around you, follow instructions, and you should be good! The thread linked above is very helpful.

Also, #protip, make sure you have better landings than @RTG113. That won’t be too hard though. I kid, I kid…


Obey ATC and fly in a professional and curious manner. We have something TS1 doesn’t have, free nachos. ;)

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This is a great collection of tutorials for pilots.


•Follow all ATC instructions
•When on Unicom, check where the traffic is going. Green runway doesn’t always mean it’s being used
•Be courteous to other, don’t rush.

If you really want to step it up,
• Follow charts, you can PM me and I can help you get started with charts. Don’t forget, ATC overrules!



The topic below also contains an extensive list of common pilot errors and also explains how to avoid them and links to tutorials where available

Along with the above recommendations you should now be good to go, enjoy!


All those links above are great, read them all and take note!

QRF below:

Plan your flight:- before pushback, research the Airport charts for dep and ARV, you can use flight radar or simular to see how real life aircraft are being flown at the airport (which runways in use etc). Also use a Flight planning software (simbrief, online flight planner, FLPtoIF of simular) to make a flight plan, know the flight levels and make sure you have enough fuel.

BEFORE PUSHBACK: after programming in the flight plan, sit at the gate for a moment and listen to ATIS / IFATC and see what the traffic flow is at the airport and follow IFATC instructions. Don’t jump the que.

ATC: listen and follow their instructions. Switch from GND to TWR when first in line to take off, not before.

ON ARRIVAL: Before your Top of Desent (TOD) use the map to look ahead to see if IFATC is active and routing aircraft in a certain pattern, plan to join it, also note which runways are active / in use.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: enjoy your self!


Great input elsewhere on the thread. Just wanted to say props to you for asking the question! Looking forward to seeing you on expert.

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