Expert server

I’ve been wondering how you become a expert server atc controller because I have over 900 operations


Hey @Captin_Fahey38 ,
Go to this link and follow the requirements. Any questions can be directed to one of the recruiters

I would also recommend joining the ATC Education Group for more practice if you want

Check the article @Trevor_A posted.

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No, #support is for issues related with the app, Dan… Hey Fahey, please check put the Thread linked by Trevor, read the thread carefully and determine wether you meet the requirements or not. Then contact a Recruiter with all the information that is required.

I wish great luck with your journey in joining IFATC and hope to have you join us one day, cheers!

I reccomend you start a Tracking Thread in #atc ;)

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Your good
Hope this helped you @Captin_Fahey38

Thanks for the help Trevor

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