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So I was flying near an airport then I disconnected autopilot by accident then i got reported and now I’m back to grade 2. So I was wondering if this would be permanent or if it would go. And this is my first ever mistake

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Ghosts only last a week unless you get more than 15 then u r permanently banned

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Did you get a violation or did you get a report (ghost). They are two different things. You can look at your logbook for the flight and it will tell.

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I actually got ghosted.

@Jet_Aviationxx - Please stop moving this #support. It’s not an issue with the app.


If you believe you were ghosted incorrectly (which doesn’t appear to be the case) you can look at your logbook and check who ghosted you. Locate him here in IFC and send him a DM. Again, you just acknowledged you were wrong so I don’t see this being reversed.

To better understand grades and how violations and reports (ghosts) affect your grade check this post out:

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