Expert server

I know this pops up a lot but it says that I have 126 landings when I have 145

Also how many landings do I need to get back onto Expert??

It’s probably because you have more than 5 ghostings in the past 365 days.

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My maybe let me check.

It’s as simple as that. ☝️

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You will need 74 landings to get access to Expert again. (1:2 ratio)

Goodluck! You can probably pull that off in an hour, two at the most with quick T&G’s.


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Ok thanks but when I do T&G it never counts my landings??

You need to stay on the runway for around 10 seconds for it to count.

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I’m going to do that.

You have to stay on the runway for roughly ~10 seconds, and a decent amount of time in the air (10+ seconds). Some planes are also more stubborn than others, I recommend either an a318 or a 170.

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So how long do I have to stay in the air for?

I’d say anything after 5-10 seconds is fine. What I’m trying to say is that you can’t just bunny hop across runways.

Heathrow is a good one I will practice on casual.

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Would it still work on solo?

To my knowledge, touch and goes done on solo don’t count.

Ok then casual it will be.

Have fun and happy landings ;)