Expert Server

Hello folks,
Does IOS users are on the same server as Android users? Reason I ask is because I looked at the liveflight tracker and it shows a lot of planes but when I go into the game nearly all planes are gone.

Yes they are the same. LiveFlight may just not be working… or it hasn’t updated/refreshed. It could also be an issue with your airplane count - what’s it set to?


Yes, everyone is using the same servers (Casual/Training/Expert)
The reason for you not being able to see others, is probably because you can only see them on the map if they’re within 100nm of you,


In game Infinite Flight doesn’t show all of the planes at the same time to prevent lag.

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Oh ok, that makes sense


I have it set to the highest settings

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Yup - then as said, IF only loads planes within a 100nm radius to boost performance.


Thanks, Seb!

You’re welcome! /Seb ^^