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So I was on the expert server about 10 mins ago and tower had just gone offline to I used unicom to announce my inbound. Just because there’s no tower doesn’t mean its ok to takeoff when someone is 0.4nm from the airport. I hope @jasonrosewell ghosted him I certainly reported him. Obviously this person doesn’t deserve to have access to such a regulated server. Here’s a couple of screenshots of what happened


Excuse my nose down I had to take a screenshot so let go of the joystick for a sec

Quickly turned around as just missed my runway exit only to find him taking off on the left hand side of the runway almost as if his wings wouldn’t touch mine ?

name was khalid dunno if his community name is the same?


When controllers go offline, everyone loses their senses and I don’t know why.


Not everyone


Where you also reported for landing? Why make a topic where your also in the wrong in your statement? If you want to complain about someone taking off while your on final why would you still land? This seems a bit silly when your doing the same things your saying you hate.


I landed as he was not fully lined up I didnt realise until I had turned around that he had actually taken off

Your picture on final shows him on the runway so that’s not true.


He never announced he was taking off I thought he was crossing the runway only until I had turned around as no one was close enough behind me on final I realised he had decided to take off

Even if he was crossing the runway you should go around


ok i’ll do that next time i’ll admit I should’ve gone around but really a grade 4 should know better to not pull off the hold short line not announce anything in unicom and just takeoff?

I didn’t see it happening or I would have ghosted both of you! As soon as you saw him cross the hold short line, you should have gone around (after you took the screen shot since you had time to do that).


Grade 4s acting like nimrods, feel like they don’t deserve it :(


yeah I get that I was in the wrong I was expressing how when tower comes offline all hell brakes loose

This shows that XP doesn’t equal skill. Right?
So think of requirements where violations and ghostings are more prioritized.

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I have 23k xp(almost half way) and see nimrod grade 3s

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Yeah it’s true. I try to stop it whenever I can.


What airport where you at that made turn your plane around in the middle of the runway. Where there no other taxi lines. In all my years of aviation I never heard of a plane turning back to there taxiway. Only at airports like London city. And are you talking about the 787 because I’m not sure what everyone is talking about he is on the taxiway ?

Just to play devils advocate, it’s happened to me in the past when I cross in front of an inbound plane that I didn’t see because my connection was lagging out. Totally my fault for entering the runway while he/she was on final but I honestly didn’t see the guy on the radar and then suddenly there he was. My little connection icon went from orange to green. Just curious what a mod would do for this situation. And the rest of your opinions as well.

I like this decision.

I guess what’s good for the goose is good for the gander and good on the OP for telling on themselves! 🙂

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