Expert Server: Warnings before ghosting

Hello guys, so I just realized that the rules on Expert are too strict so I am ok it‘s an Expert Server where you have to follow rules but some guys who are just new on Expert don‘t know all these rules so this is just a message to show IFATC not to be too strict this could make the game more enjoyable because if you get a warning you know what you may not do the next time …
hope you understand my message guys
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When you join, it says were you can find the rules.
Not knowing the rules is not an excuse.

Nevermind, thought there was a link in the welcome message.

However my experience is that IFATC always give warnings before they ghost.


In most cases the controller will give you warnings. They will issue the command multiple times, Please Follow Instructions, etc.

When you enter the expert server there is a pop-up that has information. It comes down to a) follow controllers instructions regardless what is in your flight plan and b) don’t interfere with others. Follow those and you should be good.


To clarify the welcome information:

  • Be respectful of others
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Do not pause or leave the app while communicating with ATC

Why is there no link to Violations on Live for example?
Of course I understand when you join Expert you already should know these from your experience in training, but still…
(First picture is not working in that topic anymore btw)

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As Chris said 👆the controller will likely give you warnings. In some cases, a warning is not necessary.

Is expert really too strict? My personal opinion is that expert must me stricter. We have multiple servers so why would it not enjoyable? If you follow the rules, you will most likely play with people that folllow the rules as well. That’s why this server is meant for those who want a realistic and… enjoyable experience.

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Or folks can just read this topic and call it a day. You know, just a thought… 🤷🏼‍♂️


This is called “Callsign XXX, please follow instructions or you will be ghosted.”


I think the biggest rpoblem is that there are no warning on training when you are doing something wrong, and on joing expert you might get ghost immediately. I suggested something a few days ago but that idea got shot down immediately


I agree with you. For some new Grade 3 pilots, there’s a big difference between TS and ES.

I try to help them on TS as an ATC, but I feel like we lack the resources to. I’m not talking about the trolls, but the pilots who are trying and just lack the resources to help them communicate to what they want.

I think the TS ATC should also have the ‘please check the forums’ message like what’s on the ES. That might be enough to help us help them.

Anyways, IFATC usually warns before ghosting. This is not always the case, as some situations are worthy of an instant ghost (you really have to be trolling/oblivious for this to happen).


Warnings are for situations that can be prevented, such as…

  • Not following a instruction
  • Separation issues, before they happen
  • Sending duplicate messages, etc…

There’s no warning for infractions that are already undergoing. There’s also common sense.

If an aircraft takes off from the gate…does anyone here expect a warning? No, right? That’s not a behavior any of us expects to see in the expert server.


Training Server only has system ghosts that give you warnings.

Expert Server should give you warning and a clear reason why you were ghosted via PM.

Note - Don’t cut into any other aircraft at any cost, and always listen to ATIS. Those are the 2 ways I’ve got ghosted twice. Both with no warning. On the other hand, you should always respect IFATC for what they are, they will be strict, but, sometimes you will get struck without any warning, by a mistake that would be obvious to you even if you didn’t want to admit it… I’ve been there. :)

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I’ve only ever gotten a system ghost.
I think there are just a lot of misconceptions about right of way and things like that. The other day someone thought a cleared to push gives you right of way (on a TS event)

The Training Server to long time Expert Server pilots is a joke. Literally.

Also system ghosts are only in your control :).

I get where your coming from because I have been reported twice because of little things i did (still have a 5 day wait until grade 3)
but I also understand that they provide us with tutorials so we do know what to do and what is expected from us before we get on the expert server and I besides I have heard a few say follow instructions or be ghosted

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This is what I say in every “how do I get to grade 3 really fast” thread.

Expert is a word with a meaning. Just because you can go to Denver and hammer out 20 landings doesn’t mean you’re ready for Expert.

There’s a big box you have to click to remove at the start that essentially says “know what you’re doing” before you enter.

Yet, pilots think that Expert is just the default server, and that no matter how many times people plead with them to watch the tutorials or how many other threads are out there with even more information, they can’t be bothered until it actually affects them.

It doesn’t matter when they’re just adversely affecting the experience of the other pilots by not having the slightest clue; it’s when it starts to affect them.

But, again, there’s a bright neon sign upon entry that says “don’t adversely affect others’ experience” and “rules are strictly enforced” and “look at the tutorials” and on and on. But, hey, who cares about that, right?

Expert isn’t some sort of birthright. It’s where pilots go who want the least shenanigans currently on option among the servers. They have just as much right to enjoy their experience and new pilots think they have to just be there without doing the slightest amount of learning or research.


Personally I think there’s a little misconception amongst those who are eligible for “Expert Server”. Some feel they have reached a level of Airmenship that deems them expert based on XP and grade level. “Expert” doesnt pertain to just skill level but mentality. If anything Infinite Flight could rename it Professional server as that’s what it serves. Aviation enthusiats who want to fly on a professional level in both airmenship and attitude.

However, Infinite flight shouldn’t have to change a name to clue users in. There are numerous tutorials and “readme” files on how to fly or present oneself on the “expert” server. A lot of those complaining about unfair or unwarned ghosting are those acting in an unprofessional manner.

Here’s a few examples:
¹)I’m at the Gate and requested Pushback on FNF and the controller hasn’t responded in 10 seconds so I will continue to spam the frequency with request.
²) No one has answered my ground request yet with 30 airplanes around me and I just spawned… I’ll taxi on my own and cut in line, no one will notice.
³) I’m impatient and takeoff on a runway without clearance because on the TS this is normal.
⁴)I’ve been told to Go Around twice but I’m so close to landing and APPR mode is on… I’ll just continue inbound and ignore the controller
⁵) It’s FNF and KLAX is the main airport… I’ll takeoff from Burbank and call inbound requesting vectors for the ILS when theres a NOTAM that states no local flights from KBUR , KSNA, KONT
⁶) A380 at Aspen 🤔
⁷)A340 taking off on a grass only airport🤯
⁸) “I Hate Your Mom” is my user name
⁹) ATIS says “No Pattern Work” so I take off change frequencies then check back in with the same tower frequency “Inbound for Touch and Go”… Just to waste towers time
¹⁰) Takeoff in my fighter and going 800kts by the end of the runway… They see me rolling 😎


These are not even tutorial problems. These are just disrespectful.
Letgit quedtion though, if you are asked to go around but do not have fuel to fo so what to do?

You should never be in that situation in the first place. Always pack extra fuel.


In almost every situation where someone says they don’t have the fuel to go around, they created the go around situation by flying too fast on final which…burns more fuel.

Either way, low fuel or not, two planes cannot occupy the runway at the same time.


One of the most common things i see is lack of fuel planning. There are so many tools out there that can assist with this. Simbrief, flight aware, that can give you a rough estimate of the fuel needed.

Over plan the fuel required! If the flight is 13 hours… You’re going to need an extra hour of fuel in case of long taxi, extra hour of fuel for reserve (i.e. go arounds) and maybe an extra hour of fuel for an alternate airport if your destination is over capacity.

In this case the 13 hour flight has 16 hours of fuel. You may have to fly at a lower altitude but you’ll be covered. Declaring a fuel emergency in the game is traffic permitting. I.e. If you are number 30 on approach and just checked in it’s hard for a controller that has a flow going to squeeze you in. It’s not impossible but it degrades the experience of your fellow flyers who are following instructions, planned accordingly, and are now being vectored away from the approach area to accommodate you.

Thus to answer your question… Go Around! ATC doesnt known your fuel and will sequence appropriately.