Expert Server Upgrade

Hello Cam! Just landed with some friends in FMEE, for one of them, the gears and flaps did not synchronise (weren’t shown)

I am flying on the latest IFATC Beta, and they are on the public version.

Flight departed last night at around 2200Z and ended at 0900Z.

In the replay the gears and flaps did not show.

The other people flying with me in the public version did not see the gears either.


Just to add, I was in the flight but it worked for me ( I have the beta). Gears and flaps was for everyone. The only issue I had was the 2 planes on ground before me had reverse thrust visible but we were at gate

I know @schyllberg touched base about the ATIS not working correctly. But I was wondering if there has been any improvements on the investigation into this matter?

If so, is there a ETA on a fix?

Thank you to all Staff / developers for all the hard work y’all are doing so we can enjoy our time in Infinite Flight ✈️



It has been fixed.

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Thank you @I_Ride_Southwest

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Hey @Cameron! Just letting you know that I just sent a log about “disappearing aircraft” in KLAX with intermediate to heavy traffic in Local ATC session.

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Happened to me as well at same airport on approach frequency . Aircrafts started disappearing in between randomly. Some started behaving weird like nose dive to negative altitude

Looks like this flight data still looping here for a very very long time (talking about weeks).

Still available to track in the old Expert server on Liveflight

@Lukas_Risvig_Skov ^^

Hey! Two things to say:

    1. This is not an issue with the Expert Server Upgrade
    1. Live Flight recently got an update. Make sure you update the app you’re on, or use the web version.
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Hello, Im not sure if I had a disconnection due to the upgrades or if its from a new feature. I pulled up a different app on my phone to check text messages and when I returned to IF it had disconnected from the server. If this is a new feature of the expert server than please let me know or disregard this report. Thank you.

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Did u close the IF app completely while checking ur message? If u did and stay out for too long then when u go back in IF it will disconnect you from live server. But if u do it quick enough u can still go back into IF and stay connected to the server

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Im fully aware of all of the things you said, but @asmith10488 might be onto something - i recently noticed that with longer disconnections (1-2min?), you can reconnect anymore, whatever you do. “Live server” just stays checked red, disconnecting and reconnecting from wifi wont help, only restarting the flight. This wasnt the case before, as back before the updates you would get a message saying smth like “Infinite flight was disconnected for too long”, or smth similar

try using split screen next time in order to multitask. i use split screen whenever i need to check anything else on my device

So about the expert server, when my ban time is up, will it automatically let me back into the expert server?

Yes, it might not work the first time but you just have to do a quick flight to reset it

ok! :D I’m happy to be back in early april!

Uploading: image.jpg…

Apparently there is an aircraft with its reverse thrusters still deployed.

Time: 00:51Z
My Call sign: Eurowings 6890

The image is not uploaded.

Oh my, ill explain it instead. When I was looking at this Swiss A220 next to me, I noticed the thrust reversers were deployed when pushing back.

I also noticed that reversers staying open is a common occurence in the last 2-3 days