Expert Server Upgrade

Well with the 22.8 update my loading times were beyond everything so I won’t call that a luxury…


I’ll keep my eye on any problems, Cameron!

Happy to see this server here and excited for this year!


Thanks! I am super grateful for all the work you guys/gal do for us.


Congrats on making this happen!


I just switched, can’t wait to fly for the first time!

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I hope there will be no app crashing or no frame drops from now 😀😉😉😉

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Just lifted off from Denver, now heading to Honolulu in a B752 (yes yes ik, United uses B772’s, but I like the 757 don’t hate)

So far, none for me. Pretty smooth sailing so far!

Those have nothing to do with server performance and will not change due to this.

None the less, the crashes are our top priority.


Will this lead to the ability to see pushbacks and jetbrdges etc.?

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Awesome! A main server now yay!

Not in this iteration, but it’s something we’re working on. More info is in the blog post:

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I have the app LiveFlight to track my flights when I’m away from my iPad. Will the new expert server be added? At the moment it still shows flights from the old expert server.

I’ve seen the servers there (such as the beta expert and once this “old training server” when training was having issues once) so I think liveflight and the like detect what servers are there and list then

TL:DR LiveFlight will likely see it

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It should be under Expert (Beta) on LiveFlight, but I’ll update it.

I would suggest trying some of the newer tracking apps made by the community though!


Report: Missing aircraft

Doing groupflight with @Korgast (PP-AST) now at 1600Z. His aircraft keeps disappearing and reappearing from my POV despite not getting status error. However he can constantly see my aircraft even with some status error/warning.

My system status: all green stable
His system status: Live server flashing between green and red, API service yellow warning




Replay file (if needed) will be provided after the flight.


Crossing my fingers i get 60fps on low

If you didn’t before, you won’t now unfortunately.

Any major changes compared to the old server?

This is what you may notice;

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