Expert Server Upgrade

All these crashes suddenly happening definitely has something to do with the server update


True lol, i am sure it’s a problem from IF side

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yea, i agree all these constant crashes with people going on while on final approach or a few minutes away from landing it’s very annoying when it carshes after hours of flying


Hey everyone!, I think disconnection error when switching between carrier network and wifi is happening in all servers, today to avoid that I started a flight on 4G in training server and then switched to Wifi, what I notice is the same many of us has been reported in expert server.

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This looks cool!

Excellent news.
Thank you very much for your effort to improve the IF’s performance and performance to the entire team and especially to the attentive manager @Cameron who kindly keeps us up to date on changes.

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exactly what happened to me

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I think i have discovered a new bug with ATIS

-Just a few minutes ago i was on approach to LIRF, and i had apparently experienced a complete disconnection from the IF servers, despite my internet being ok, i did not notice this. I then tuned into ATIS by selecting LIRF, and clicking ATIS from the bellow available frequencies since i was technically out of range. I heard it once and tuned out, but ATIS kept playing. I tried re-tuning into ATIS, and then clicking the “No Frequency” button in the ATC menu, but this didnt work. I tried switching to another airports frequency, and ATIS kept on repeating. I tried fully disconnecting and reconnecting, this didnt work either, as soon as i got back online ATIS restarted. I then got in range of LIRF Approach, tuned to it, and still i only heard a repeating ATIS. I then tried again fully disconnecting and reconnecting, and that finally worked, and i could now hear LIRF App, but my game predictably crashed a few seconds afterwards.

What makes this even weirder is that i tried opening my replay, to confirm the chain of events, and by going through the “message log”, i saw that most times a frq. change was registered, the sim registered me switching from LIRF ATIS-LIRF ATIS, and not “No freq.”, and all the times it did register me switching to “no Freq.”, it was immediately followed by a message saying i tuned back into LIRF ATIS, which i had not done

I have screenshots to back this up, and obviously the replay if needed!

Edit: this could just be sheer coincidance, but i did also notice that at some point today (im GMT1 so the past 6-8 hours), no ATIS frequencies were open, even at fully staffed airports like LIRF, so my issue could maybe be related to a behind the scenes server/ATIS update we didnt know about!


Someone read this and fix my problem. Ahhh!

its due to the new server having few bugs. They are actively working on it


Yes, Same happened to me today. I was on approach to PANC (Anchorage). I was tuned to approach frequency. I tuned into ATIS to get the weather when I got the new weather I returned to approach frequency but ATIS kept playing. I also tried the same things as you did but my problem automatically got fixed after playing ATIS 8 times.

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Great!I cannot wait to play in the new server!

its been on the new server since February 6 @Yosamel


Weekly Server Status Update

It’s time for our weekly update on the latest developments and progress addressing issues related to our multiplayer servers.

Current Status

  • ATIS Fix in Progress: This is currently being tested with IFATC and will be released in the next update for everyone.

  • Aircraft State Synchronization Fixed: We have improved our aircraft state synchronization system, which resolves issues like gear/flaps/doors animations and Away/Active statuses.

  • Random Disconnections Addressed: We’ve been working hard to tackle the random disconnections and other aircraft not appearing on the server. Our upcoming 23.1 update will include improvements for this issue within the app, providing better reconnections when switching between WiFi and Cellular.

  • ATC Stats Inconsistencies: This issue is still under investigation, and we’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

These fixes are now available on Training and Casual Servers and will be released on Expert tomorrow.

Still experiencing issues?

If you continue to face any issues, please don’t hesitate to report them in this thread.

Before reporting an issue, double-check your network stability, as this is a common source of multiplayer issues.

Safe skies, and happy flying!


Thank you, our lord and saviour cameron!

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Thanks for the update, Cameron. Always very much appreciated.

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A new server update huh. Looking forward to it

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Server Updated!

We’ve updated all servers with the fixes listed here:

You’ll notice gear/flaps for other aircraft should show correctly now, and it should remove any “rubber banding effect” from disconnected aircraft.

Current Known Issues:

We’re still looking into these issues:

  • ATC Stats Inconsistencies: This issue is still under investigation, and we’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

  • Some aircraft are disappearing / lagging: This issue has been around for a while, but we’re looking at ways to improve this and minimise impact.

Thanks all for your patience while we worked on these issues :)


Thank You!

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Aww man, those were funny lol