Expert Server Upgrade

Well guys its your favourite bugbuster,
Found a new bug i haven’t seen yet. Atc gives an instruction to turn right. But it appears as turn left in my atc logs. Butthe cardinal direction is constant (say 300)
Here is a picture of the same


Hello, have a issue to report here as my device had just crashed. After I landed at AMS and was taxing to my gate, my phone suddenly crashed.
Callsign; 9M-LAG
Time: Malaysia Time: 12:40AM OR 11:40PM eastern time
Please let me know if a recording is needed!

After the servers issues are fixed

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Few issues i face regularly:

  1. In one screenshot you can see yellow plane strip contacting my frequency. Although i encounter many yellow strips, i captured this one.
  2. In another screenshot a plane with callsign A1 is asking approach, but I didnt get the flashing strip at all.
  3. Pilots ask approach, but i only get to know them once I click their aircraft icon and see the logs.
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Question: I’ve had my airplane count to low on my new iPad since my app kept crashing, (it’s been a week or so), so when do y’all think I might be able to have more planes count without my app crashing?

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First of all, this is the wrong place to post about this.

Second, if you bought a new iPad a week ago and it’s crashing, it’s probably crashing because of this:

Nonetheless, you can still try following the Performance | Infinite Flight guide, but I doubt it will help much. I’m sure the devs are working as quickly as possible to get this fixed ASAP.

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Ok thankyou

My first real bug so far has been 3rd party app issues

LiveFlight, InfiniteX, MapFlight all are not showing my aircraft on the live map, even though I am connected to the online service

Here’s where I should be…

This has already happened to me. I turn off the internet connection and wait a few seconds. Then I connect again and appear on the radar.

ok, i’ll try that

I’m not asking for support to fix the issue, since I already know what the cause of it has been. I was just asking if it had to do with the expert server update, that’s all.

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Another Update on Expert Server Fixes

Thanks for your patience folks! Hope you’ve all had a good week :)

We have successfully resolved the ATC issue that we reported in our last update. However, due to the number of large changes, we will be updating the Expert Server early next week to prevent any potential issues over the weekend.

The Casual and Training Servers have already been updated this week with the necessary fixes. If you have experienced issues with disconnecting or not receiving ATC messages, please try flying on the Training Server to see if the problem has been resolved.

Thank you again for your patience while we investigated and implemented fixes for these issues


If you read what I quoted, Cameron made clear that the app crashes are NOT related to the expert server update. Hope that helps


It does, thank you.

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Okay, so new issue I just came across. Im about 2 and a half hours into a flight on the training server (thought I’d fly there since it was supposedly fixed) & the server disconnected a couple times. Other aircraft also disappeared earlier in the flight. It reconnected to the server but it showed 2 copies of my plane on the map (mine and another one of me) before my aircraft lost all control and the app crashed immediately after. After looking at the replay, my aircraft was heavily glitching out like I’ve never seen before. I was Jetblue 788 from TNCM-KJFK


Maybe, but i am facing app crashes more frequent after server upgrade.

Woah that is something i have never experienced. Can you send some screenshots from your replay? It might help in pinpointing the problem

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Yeah, by far the weirdest thing I’ve experienced in my 6 years playing this sim. I’ll try and dm you some later tonight as I’m at work right now

Not sure if I should put this here but since the past week I have been experiencing some server connection issues on the expert server. Even when I redownloaded the game I still be having the connection errors when I am about to land at my destination airport. If the IFC are still fixing the server connection issues I thank you again for your amazing job and I hope that it could be rectified as soon as possible.

I’m pretty sure (note the pretty sure) the next update hasn’t got anything to do with the new server problems, the entire staff team are working around the clock not only to push out the next update but to also fix expert server problems and constant Apple device crashes and issues. Also this isn’t the place to ask when the next update is coming out and please don’t ask anywhere else, the only time when you’ll find out when the update comes out, aside from new any new aeroplane tracking threads, is when it’s out.