Expert Server Upgrade

After a public beta test, the Expert Server (Beta) is now becoming the main Expert Server.

We have made major updates to improve performance, load-handling, and futureproofing for all Expert Server users. Hopefully, you won’t notice any difference apart from fixes to issues such as disconnections, missing aircraft and messages not being received.

These upgrades are available now inside the app when you select the Expert Server for multiplayer or ATC.

About the Multiplayer Server upgrades

Changes to our multiplayer servers have been rolling out over the last few updates, mostly unannounced and undetected. Part of the reason for these updates is to allow for more interactivity online, while a lot is focused on performance, load-handling, and futureproofing.

We posted a full blog post about this with more information here:

Experiencing server issues?

While we don’t expect major issues from this upgrade, we will be closely watching stats from our end and applying any fixes as necessary.

If you notice any major issues with the server:

  • Please reply to this thread with the time and callsign of your flight

  • We may request a replay file. Please don’t delete them just in case

  • Please only report issues about the multiplayer experience. For example, disconnections and missing aircraft, messages not being received, etc.
    For any other issues, please use #support.

And finally, thank you to everyone who helped test the server, either by flying in events or sending us diagnostics data to help make improvements!


Woohoo!!! Finally🎉


Out with the old, and in with the new!


Hooray! 🥳🥳🥳


mmm… i’ll be excited to see the new changes/potential improvements


Welcome to the new expert server 🎉🎉🥳🎉🎉


Awesome news!

Great to see the Infinite Flight Staff improving the flight experience for their users!


So, F-UNNY here. Is it just me, because when I log on to Live Flight or InfiniteX, barely any expert server aircraft are visible. Just wondering if this is a simple bug or something else?



Third party apps are showing the new server now. Expert traffic is still mostly on the old server, but people will transition over the next time they start a flight


ah got it, thanks!

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Just spawned in for a flight and the loading time has decreased a lot so that is a real good improvement!


This shouldn’t affect loading times I’m afraid, but happy it’s faster for you :)


Thanks for updating the server! Unfortunately, the simulator crashed for me when it happened. Was there a notification about the transition prior to this?

I’m wanting to restart my flight to experience that luxury, but I got a long day ahead of me rn and I’ll have tomorrow
Edit: I see that you only get that luxury lol

Sorry about that, though I don’t believe that app crash is related to this transition (as it should only take effect the next time you load the app). We discussed this in the past in the blog post linked in the main topic


So if we are currently flying on the old ES, it won’t affect us to have the server changed?

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Not for your current flight - the next time you start the app, you’ll only be shown the Expert Server.

The old ES will be shut down in a few days


Right on! I knew about the work being done but didn’t see anything about when. Thanks though.

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Ok thanks.

We didn’t announce an exact date since it isn’t a sudden migration :)