Expert Server Unstable Connection

So I’m not sure if there is a way to “fix” this easily, but it’s twice now in the space of 1.5 hours that I’ve had substantial difficulties keeping a steady connection to the expert server. Everything is green besides the live server, which alternates between green for 5 minutes, then red for 30 seconds, then yellow and back to green. It’s causing other planes to appear like they’re speeding off into the distance before spinning back to their original location (both in camera view and on the map), making taxiing very disorienting. On top of that clearances seem to be getting mixed up based on who is in line when, due to I assume the problems with connections.

I have a stable internet and I’m inclined to believe this is on the server side. I know the day of an update things can get busy but I was hoping that the servers were scaled up appropriately. Didn’t seem to have any issues earlier today.

Any insight into what’s going on? I was originally at EGPH when it wasn’t too busy, then was at EGLL where it was quite busy. So I’m inclined to say it wasn’t airport or activity-specific.

Thanks - was hoping to take advantage of ATC this evening but so far seems like I’m out of luck.

IPad Pro 2018 11”, restarted and nothing else open, including third-party apps.

I think the internet has something to do with the amount of planes in the sky right now

I experienced this just now as well

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Yeah - that’s why I wanted to bring it up in case it’s because of server load. Don’t know how easily or even if this can be scaled up at peak demand

I see the server is at 72% which is quite high for sure. Just irritating because I can’t see where people are and related to that, at EGLL I had someone cleared for takeoff behind me and one other person, causing them to taxi through us to takeoff. So it’s a little chaotic

Every update will result in the server getting a spike in the amount of planes
I wasn’t even able to enter IF back in 20.1 because of how many people were inside

This has been a known issue today and is possibly due to server load. IFATC controllers have had quite the chaotic day today, I can tell you, because of this.

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