Expert Server Unicom (Work is needed)

Ok, so in the recent days of my flying, it has come to my attention that the majority of Expert Server Users don’t know how to use Unicom. In fact, some don’t even use Unicom at all!
I’ve seen countless errors and issues, and would like some improvements. Mostly by the players, but also a bit by the devs.

Back taxi: On airports where back taxiing is required, a back taxi message should be used. Back taxiing IS NOT crossing a runway. If a pilot is on final and someone announced runway crossing, the pilot assumes that the aircraft will be clear if the runway by the time he is about to land. If there was a backtaxi message, pilots would become aware of the situation.

Clear of all runways: just for starters, this is not clear of all runways

On a recent flight, I was on final, and at 1,000 feet, a plane starts to back taxi. As he back taxis, he notices me. Instead of hurrying up or taking off (He has plenty of room as a CCX), he pulls to the side of the runway and says “Clear of all runways”. That is so far from the correct message, in fact, all that is doing is giving the pilot landing the thought that that the runway is clear, when in fact, it is not. Once again, incorrect usage of messages can lead to issues.

Going Around: This is less of a message, and more awareness.

In this photo, the plane landing should have gone around a while ago. With a plane lined up on the runway, it should be more than obvious that a go around is mandatory. But, without the “Dreaded IFATC” there to use there “unfair ghosting powers”, 90 percent of pilots continue on and land. Pretty much, Expert without ATC is TS1. This is not the first time this has been mentioned though

It’s a reoccurring issue that is a result of lack of knowledge. Below I’ve attached a few tutorials to help anyone out there with Unicom communications

And for the people that don’t listen:

So guys, please, learn to use Unicom! It will help!

Just because you can fly on Expert doesn’t mean you should


Well said! I think this need to be said as I’ve seen many people can’t use Unicom Instructions/Commands properly


@Pilotmaster2129. MaxSez:: Thank you for your expert opinion. The time and effort taken to provide Tutorial citations is much appreciated. I certainly will attempt to comply with your admonitions Sir. Your definitive statement “Just because you can fly on Expert doesn’t mean you should” is classic! And so say we all…


I still look for this expecting it to be there. Disappointed every time.

Just to extrapolate a couple points:

Turn-arounds like those at TNCM or TFFR are not off the runway. The only turn-arounds which are actually off the runway are those like the one on the west side of 33 @ KASE or at the end of 27 at EGLC [if I remember right], where there is a full turn-around taxiway with a hold short line.

Just because ATC isn’t around doesn’t mean other pilots aren’t. When you land at TNCM, don’t back taxi with someone LUAW and another on short final at 8 knots. I watched this happen twice in 5 minutes today. I’ll bet on the ramp to the runway, they fluctuate between 37 and 34 knots, but have two individuals waiting on them and they can’t find the throttle. Show some awareness of the need for expediency.


Be aware, the back taxi option is not available for Unicom so when back taxiing make sure you announce “Taking off RWY X” this way until an actual command is put into ATC pilots know that there is an aircraft on the runway at to use caution. Only one aircraft should be doing that at a time unless you are at an airport like EGLC where a couple of aircraft can pull of onto the turn a round taxi way and hold short. For situations at EGLC once you have reached the turn around taxiway announce “Clear of all runways” and “Holding short RWY X” if there is an aircraft on final. Once you are able to takeoff again at EGLC announce your take off again.


Yeah, you are right, I see a lot of Inexpert Users on Expert Server.
When I see those I usually take a screenshot of what he is doing and I contact him here in the forum, but most of times he isn’t registered, so I understand why he doesn’t use correctly Unicom… Instead when an user is registered I help him tu Understand Unicom sending him some Tutorial.

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I understand, but then again, in the real word, one would announce back taxi, and taking off portrays the message that the traffic will be off the runway within 30 seconds.

Well, in the main post you put it as if there was an actual botton… which there isn’t. It might confuse somebody just saying.

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