Expert server Tuesday flight from Miami to Seattle

Hey there folks! Howdy from Texas,and hope you are staying safe out there. I recently got into the expert server and jumped at the opportunity to take part in the flights. Tuesday was the west coast, and I flew from Miami to Seattle, which had three mountain ranges, beautiful Miami, Tampa, Pensacola, Denver, the Tetons NP, and Yellowstone NP. The flight took about 5 hours and twenty three minutes, and was flown in a 777-200 in the American new livery. Here are some beautiful pictures below, hope you enjoy :)


This is my takeoff out of Miami, with a beautiful view of famous Miami Beach.

This a beautiful top-down view of Pensacola, Florida, a Very popular vacation area in the Gulf Coast for sport fishing.

I am particularly proud of this shot as it took me ages to get it right into frame with the window. This is the view of the Red River, the border between Texas and Arkansas/Louisiana

This is an absolutely gorgeous view of the Rockies, and Denver.

These are the Teton mountains, with Teton and Yellowstone NP.

Gorgeous view of the Cascade Range and the peak you see is Glacier peak one of the prettiest Cascades. the legendary Mount Rainier is found on the other side of this Bird.

Traversing the Cascade’s with a very close to the deck approach into Seattle. My lowest AGL hit 4,000! My MSL reported 12,000 throughout the whole section.

The low Cascade hop has been completed, and the dive into the valley has taken place. In the background you can see Mt. Rainier, and in the very right, the beginnings of Boeing field. In the foreground is also the beautifully reworked 772 (real kudos to the IF team) flaps out, gear out, on final.

This is the landing is Seattle, on the center runway with to 738’s holding short of the left runway. There was also two a319’s on final on the right runway, and you can see one in the left background.

This is me holding short to let the 738 Takeoff with that a319 in the background.

Overall a beautiful flight with some wonderful other pilots and controllers. I would like to thank our IFATC for being there and guiding us in. Y’all are great.

Stay safe folks, and hope you enjoy my pics!


Very nice shots
I especially like that wingview shot

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them

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Lol how high were you when you put your gear down?

I will admit i put it down just a bit too early, whoops

Incredible pictures. Miami Beach is overrated anyway, just like runways 😂