Expert server trolls

I know that after 20.1 the devs tried to improve the grade status to try and get these guys off the expert server and make it more expert. But sadly they just won’t go away. For eg today I had a guy cut in front of me just as I was about to hold short and we almost collided, and after I took off someone cut in front of someone else when they were on short final without clearance so they had to go around. Is their any way to get them off this server?


Nothing much you can do if ATC isn’t active there…


But this was at jeddah which is today’s hub. I didn’t see either of them get reported

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You can try sending a message to @moderators.

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If this occurred during active ATC, I’d suggest dropping the active controller a PM with your replay if you wish. It’s easy for us to miss things when an airport is very busy, constructive criticism by pilots is always helpful, and makes our controlling give a better service.

Hope all is well!


That tends to be reserved for extreme things such as profanity or discrimination in callsigns.

As much as pilot etiquette is very much appreciated there’s no real way to enforce it automatically. Imagine trying to write code to measure etiquette. It’s also worth noting that you may not see the full story of the pilot in question. They may be having connection issues, their aircraft count set to none, first flight on the Expert Server or various other situations in which this could be excused. Even though it’s possible they were a troll, it’s probably better to give the benefit of the doubt :)


In an online system there will always be issues with individuals in an multi-player environment. In an ideal solution we have enough ATC at every airport.