Expert Server Trolls & Inexperienced Pilots

I never really post something in the community. But today I decided to do so. I don’t know if this is a specific “Support” thing or a “Live” thing, but since its about the expert server, I’ll post it in the “Live” category.

I’m going to be honest, it might be brutal, I don’t care. But I’m just gonna be honest about the fact that there are some many trolls and/or inexperienced “pilots” on the expert server.

I have been flying Infinite Flight for a while now, I have more than 3000 hours. And over time I’ve noticed that the amount of trolls and inexperienced pilots appearing on Expert Server, have extremely increased. To the point that I decided to talk about it.

So what do I exactly mean with trolls or inexperienced pilots?

To begin with the trolls.
I think more people have seen this. A commercial plane doing low fly-by’s over the airport, blocking the runway, going beyond the taxi speed limit all the time. This kind of behavior should not be tolerated on the expert server.

And the inexperienced pilots.
I respect everyone, I fully respect that there are pilots on Infinite Flight that still need to learn how to fly, when to use what, what certain things mean. But with all the respect…those people do not belong on the expert server, we got the Training server for a reason.

Almost every flight I do: I see people with callsigns that don’t match the airline they’re flying, I see them using their strobe lights at the gate and on the taxiway, i see them using the wrong/other end of the runway while everyone else is lining up on the correct side of the runway, I see them doing VFR flights (“No flightplan filed”) in busy uncontrolled and controlled airspaces/airports, i see them taking off with (for example) 220kts, I see them not being able to correctly handle ATC instructions, I see them taxiing through other people, I see them being inpatient in long taxiway queues, I see them crashing because of lack of flying skills.

This is far from realism, I might sound like a Karen or someone thats might be too irritated. But whats the point of having an “expert server”, if we have these kind of people goofing around.

Again I fully respect the people that still need to learn a lot, and I would love to see them grow experience in the training server. But please Infinite Flight, sort thing out.

Maybe its good idea to change the requirements to be a grade 3 pilot. So the people that are inexperienced can learn to flying and understand what certain thing mean and how to use it. I have seen a lot of pilots with just a few hours of flying on their profile. I think its time to change that.

I hope this will improve in the future.

For now, have a good day and a pleasant flight everyone!!!

If you gather your replay and send it to a mod the issue can be resolved! However this is only for people trolling (e.g going through you on purpose) on purpose not realism!
Happy Flying :D

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I think this is why the more difficult grading system was brought in but unfortunately some people are capable of realistic flight but are either too lazy to do so or just with the intent to ruin everyone else’s experience. A report system should be brought in where experienced pilots are able to report to keep the expert server at a high standard.

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