Expert Server Trolling

Hello IFC, I have just encountered and still ongoing an A380 troll who has been over speeding on the taxiway, flying too close in the air, not sticking to their ATC messages and MADE ME TAKEOFF THROUGH HIM. It’s just so annoying rn. It would’ve been fine in casual but in expert no way this should be happening I have photos and a video displaying the trolling this guy has been doing. I want to report this guy as well. IFC do your thing PLSSS. I also have more photos


Unfortunately, anyone can do anything, there’s wasn’t active ATC. It’s known that the expert server, sometimes is having issues like that


This guy is still on my tail it funny no more I hope he over speeds in his flight to wherever, soon😭

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These types of acts, even on the Expert Server, should be sanctioned immediately.

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I’ve been spawned for 5 minutes, and am watching the user. Thank you for highlighting this behavior.


Would you like more photos after I land?

It’s all good, the ones above are good enough.

Thank you for keeping the Expert Server somewhat Expert.

Have a safe flight to New York!

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I’ll at least try to though😂 So what’s going to happen with the troller?

Don’t worry, I can assure you that appropriate action has been taken, there no more details to discuss. Thanks!