Expert Server Troll

Hello IFC!

I landed in LA and was parked. At the time, there was a control in LA, but it seems it took a long time to find the troll. I have a question here. Whether the troll just left or if it was reported, if it just left, punish the troll. I felt uncomfortable with my flight. :(

Have a nice day!

First, I want to ask, which attitude was he flying? If he was flying over 2500ft, it is fine.if you feel uncomfortable, why you don’t pm him?


I have already PM him

Ok good 👌👌👌

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He flew very close to the airport.

I wasn’t trolling, I was only trying to take good shots above KLAX. I was connected to KLAX Tower, but he didn’t gave me any warning, nor reporting me

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@if.aceh We as IFATC don’t have anything against this kind of transition. This is actually quite common when airports like KLAX is featured. Furthermore, this kind of transition is a realistic procedure at KLAX. This kind of transitions are usually at or above 2500ft at this altitude they are perfectly safe and don’t interfere with departures and arrivals.

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sorry wanted to tag @BAK_UOV not @if.aceh

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This is quite low. In this case if you want to get a better explanation feel free to contact the controller that was open at KLAX at that time.

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I really didn’t know why the controller didn’t report me…

Please see the post above. Thank you

@BAK_UOV Please PM Anthony things like this are better dealt with privately.

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I provided PM to the controller

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