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Hello I was flying on Stewart Airport at 10:06PM today. There were no tower when I lined up and I report my takeoff on Unicom. But, before I TOGA Stewart tower wanted me to contact tower and I wa trying to contact them. But on the ATC list there were only Unicom and Ground available so I couldn’t contact tower. So I got bloced by some moderator and I cannot play sim on Expert server for 3days. My callsign is KE17.


If you can not contact the frequency. You should wait until it resumes to avoid issues like you are having.

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I was Tower. When I logged on there were no aircraft there. Two aircraft spawned, A Japan Air and an Air Force 1. Both taxied for takeoff and took off. Suddenly you popped up right when you were crossing the hold short line, and I sent the first on guard. You stopped on the runway, and I waited 40 seconds before sending the next one. After that I waited 30 seconds before ghosting you.

However, this seems like a bug from your part, and it’s far from the first time. @Tyler_Shelton will have the final call here.



@Mats_Edvin_Aaro On the taxiway I got a instruct from ground to give a way to Air force1 and I was holding short. And then I contacted on Unicom and announce for takeoff. I was trying to contact tower but the only available radio that I could contact was Unicom and ground. When I lined up on RWY09 I got warning guard from tower and I did not know what to do. It is so weird that I could not contact to the tower because I contacted with ground and there was no problem.

I have reversed the ghost. Connection issues happen! :)


@Tyler_Shelton Thank you very much :)


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