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Like 90% of the time when I announce my position of “final” tower in expert server says “you’re already cleared for landing, avoid sending any unnecessary reports”. Ive never gotten that on training server, and I don’t know why they don’t just reply with “roger” but instead they go out of their way to say that.

Once ATC clears you there is no need to announce inbound or position


This is very misleading and incorrect. Do not report position if you have not received a landing clearance, simply ask for a landing clearance. :)


see, that’s the problem right there. ATC on TS does not know what they’re doing 100% of the time, so just because you don’t get the “unessecary reports” message on TS, doesn’t mean you are liable to get that on expert.

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Whoops, sorry. I’ll delete my comment so that it doesn’t confuse anyone else.

No worries, you triggered me slightly. So many people did that when I controlled Tower today. Learn something new everyday! :)


Good info above. This is all good info for situations where you approach an airport and report inbound for landing with Tower.

Another scenario could be that you are flying patterns (remaining in the pattern), Tower will clear you for the option which clears you to do a touch and go. In this situation, when you want to stop flying patterns, and land, it is good practice to report your position and add full-stop. You can do this before or after you have been cleared for the option. By doing this you do provide useful information to Tower and he now knows your are not going to do another touch and go, but land.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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It happens 4 out of 5 times when I control on training server. When you are cleared you have a tag added to you in green so ATC knows they issued a clearance and there is no need to announce “final.”

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I only use “report position” if I’ve been doing circuits and I want to land, I’d say I’m on left base, downwind, or final runway # Full stop.

I disagree on the 100 percent of the time because my friends and I have dint ATC on training and 2 of them are former IFATC members. :) Plus I know what I’m doing as well.

see that’s you. that is not the general 90% of the users who don’t have an IFC account and don’t watch tutorials as a result

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I understand what you meant just it’s not 100percent of the people. I have had some really good ATC in TS in the past and quite recently going into Denver. I would say the general 60 percent of TS ATC dont know what they are doing lol. TS first world problems @Delta319

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I’ve been jumping on a bit later most nights. If you come across me let me know how I am doing! Often I can be found on approach on training server.

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For sure if my phone decides to act right. It’s been messing up for some reason. @MacGyver

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