Expert Server Today

I was flying into SBGL this evening and was on short final for runway 10 when the tower controller went offline. I then announced on Unicom I was on final. As soon as I did that, a plane who had been instructed by tower to hold short announced he was taking off, and pulled onto the runway. I had to execute a go-around. image
If anyone knows of this person, please tell me their username. I then made a successful landing. However, as I was taxiing to parking, I saw two planes parked in the same spot.image
Both of these things, I believe, are unacceptable on the expert server. If people are going to behave this way, they should be on the training or even casual server!


People will be people. You can’t really Control them. While it isn’t expert behavior. It can’t really be dealt with


Without providing more info of the “insubordinate pilots” there’s nothing that can be done. Just be vigilant and do what you can.

Habitual offenders and inherently bad behavior will eventually get them caught red handed.